Tony Bologna, 34, Maschio, Stati Uniti
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So, here you have it folks- The man, the rock, the lunch meat (?) Tony Bologna. A total chowder head, yet the only tangible proof there still exists a true gentleman for the 21st century. no, ladies, chivalry is not dead, (although you have placed it in intensive care) just most of you simply aren't worth it anymore.

I really want to be interesting to you, but probably the most endearing thing about me that I could put in a cheesy internet profile (especially one on LastFM) is that I am just like you. I very much enjoy locking groups of stupid people in cages and poking them with sticks, just like you. Also, like you, I often take a healthy olfactorial swigg of my own farts to test their level of offensiveness for fun. I hate the same shit you do, too. Like stale Cheetos, or having to wait for the next Paris Hilton joint to hit the airwaves ("waiting, thats not hot ®"), or finding out you have VD, despite how much fun that guy with the drip may be at parties.

But, I digress...

It is what it is though, because although people are most comfortable around those with whom they have at least a little in common the real adherence of one to another comes in how they differ. They say no man is an island (whomever the hell "they" is). My theory, it would appear, supports that idea: Like pieces of a puzzle our differences form the protrusions that fill the gaps in one another's lives, and the resulting hodgepodge is something much bigger and more beautiful than any one person could ever be on his own.

So you see the irony: Although the commonalities are what bring us together its the variances -whether they be in lifestyle, points of view, income, or taco shell preference- that bond us. In fact, the more polarized we are, the more exists for us to learn from one another.

There you have it, (my)space cadets. A microcosm of what I'm "about"... Sniffing out those things that let us transcend the differences between you and I (other than the spelling of course) so we can get past the ignorance and onto the sex(!).

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