ace amazing band amazing musical talent amazing muthafuka ate my family b bastard pop bootleg beautiful music beautiful song beer guzzlin brilliant dude big four of thrash blackened death metal blackened death metal from london blackened thrash metal bloody brilliant bastard brilliant brilliant band brutal as fuck brutal death metal busta rhymes is god cyberpunk dave mustaine dj tommydeath dj tommydeath material do tanca i do roozanca e c fuckin w epic trance excellent extreme extreme gothic metal fear factory fear the brutality you weak motherfucker flight of the navigator fu fuc fuck fuck my mother these guys rock fuck yea fuck yeah fuck yeah good tribute band muthafuka fuckin awesome fuckin excellent fuckin love these guys fuckin metal fucking awesome fucking brilliant fucking brutal fucking excellent fucking genius fucking hostile fucking metal fucking rocking good friends with em good rock guitar master happy hardcore heavy metal hevy devy iced earth living colour lost boys m mash ups maybe people says that it is piece of shit but i dont care and listen to it with… mellow babes melodic death metal melodic rock metal metal god metal gods metalcore method of murder mike patton mike symons ministry mixing murderdolls music that makes your head explode of amazement musical genius my boys my favourite band ever my mates nu metal nwoahm ozzy osbourne poshie queens of the stone age rapcore rock satan worship system of a down ted maul they fuckin rule they fucking rock they rule this man has his own tag cos he is just too excellent tom lambert uncle pete underground hip-hop worships of satan