• tombraidergirl

    Thanks. I think that the album cover should take precedence so I'll change it.

    Mag 8 2009, 10:47
  • SergioFuhr

    Gracias! admiro tu paciencia para hacer esto : 3

    Lug 10 2011, 0:53
  • Keiyuu88

    VULGAR is the only CD where the title is written as THE III D EMPIRE. All their other releases have THE IIID EMPIRE, even their DVDs. It could be just a typo on VULGAR... maybe that's why they corrected it on the following releases. And since they're referring to the "Third empire", the tag with the roman Ⅲ could be correct as well: THE ⅢD EMPIRE. But I wouldn't go with "III D". 朔-saku- is also debatable. On Withering to death it's 朔 -saku- (see my comment with scans on the 朔-saku- page), but on DECADE they used 朔-saku-. On the single it's 朔 saku btw...

    Set 14 2011, 8:04
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