Top Fifteen


Set 14 2010, 19:20

a- first song I heard by them
b- the song that made me fall in love with them
c- my favorite song by them

1) Metallica
a. Nothing Else Matters
b. Wherever I May Roam
c. One, Master of Puppets, Blackened, Fade to Black, And Justice For All

2) Megadeth
a. Paranoid
b. Trust
c. Tornado of Souls, Holy Wars, Ashes in Your Mouth, Take No Prisoners, In My Darkest Hour.

3) Judas Priest
a. You've Got Another Thing Coming
b. Electric Eye
c. Electric Eye, You've Got Another Thing Coming, Painkiller, Living After Midnight, Breaking the Law

4) Bon Jovi
a. Wanted Dead or Alive
b. Livin' on a Prayer
c. Livin' on a Prayer, You Give Love a Bad Name, Bad Medicine, Never Say Goodbye, Wanted Dead or Alive

5) Iron Maiden
a. The Number of the Beast
b. The Number of the Beast
c. The Trooper, Moonchild, Aces High, 2 Minutes to Midnight

6) Motley Crue
a. Too Young to Fall in Love
b. Smoking in the Boys Room
c. Kickstart My Heart, Wild Side, Same Old Situation (S.O.S.), Shout at the Devil, Rattlesnake Shake

7) Ozzy Osbourne
a. Crazy Train
b. Mr. Crowley, Hellraiser
c. Mr. Crowley, Road to Nowhere, Bark at the Moon, I Don't Wanna Change the World, I Don't Know

8) Guns N' Roses
a. Sweet Child o' Mine
b. Welcome to the Jungle / Paradise City
c. You're Crazy, Out Ta Get Me, Welcome to the Jungle, It's So Easy, Paradise City

9) Black Sabbath
a. Paranoid
b. Black Sabbath
c. Children of the Grave, Iron Man, N.I.B., Children of the Sea, Behind the Wall of Sleep

10) Poison
a. Talk Dirty To Me
b. Talk Dirty To Me
c. Fallen Angel, Nothin' But A Good Time, Unskinny Bop, Back to the Rocking Horse, Cry Tough

11) Van Halen
a. You Really Got Me
b. Runnin' With the Devil
c. Panama, Jamie's Crying, Runnin' With the Devil, Eruption, Jump

12) Skid Row
a. Youth Gone Wild
b. I Remember You
c. Rattlesnake Shake, Slave to the Grind, Youth Gone Wild, I Remember You, Here I Am

13) Def Leppard
a. Animal
b. Photograph
c. Pour Some Sugar On Me, Love Bites, Animal, Photograph, Armageddon It

14) Alice Cooper
a. School's Out
b. Poison
c. House of Fire, Bed of Nails, Trash, Why Trust You, Spark in the Dark

15) Kiss
a. Rock N' Roll All Nite
b. Crazy Crazy Nights
c. Crazy Crazy Nights, I Was Made for Loving You, God of Thunder, Rock N' Roll All Nite, Strange Ways


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