• Torn...

    Ott 31 2005, 4:05

    The story of my Life... Torn...

    I've made friends of both sides of a war which neither side want to back down. One side, I'll call team War, argues that the other is excessively uptight, picky, controlling and generally bitchy.

    Then on the other side, I'll call team Just, complains that the other is messy, sloppy, stinky, unsanitary and generally disgusting.

    Though I do see where each side's opinion comes from, I also see why they make the judgment and why they do what they do. My heart tears a million pieces every time I think about because I cannot choose a single side or ride the fence forever.
  • Because of [i]you[/i]

    Ago 23 2005, 11:35

    Sometimes when you hear a song, it's sounds like your heart wrote it and someone else is singing it. Because of You is one of them. I'm kind of broken over a bad relationship and just hearing that song almost made me cry. It was like I was singing that song, and it comforted me knowing that someone else felt the same way and that I was not alone in my misery.