Did Ye Get Healed?


Mag 2 2008, 19:53

This list of songs is from a playlist I've been using to work and rework a theme of spring and renewal. Songs with the themes of togetherness, purity, cleansing, and healing are presented:

1. Pure, The Lightning Seeds

-This song was useful to me at the time of its release at which point I was struggling with career and economic reality.

2. Can You Get to That, Funkadelic

-Can You Get to That has been keepin' it real since the early 70s.

3. All My Friends (Franz Ferdinand Version), LCD Soundsystem

-That 20something feeling when friendship seems to be split upon everyone's changes, jobs, marriages, whatnot

4. New School, The Tough Alliance

-There's something very encouraging about the tough-guy-feel-good sound of these Svenska lads

5. One Pure Thought, Hot Chip

-Really a great track that has grown on me as Made in the Dark has also grown.

6. Did Ye Get Healed?, Van Morrison

-One of Van's strongest post-1980 tracks IMO (and there are a lot of great songs since that time). Not coincidentally, Van is the king of "The Healing Game" with at least four tracks including the world healing (and one album).

7. Sun Is Out, The Apples In Stereo

-It doesn't matter how Beatlesque the band is when the songs are so good.

8. Praise You, Fatboy Slim

-Praise is good.

9. Light & Day/Reach for the Sun, The Polyphonic Spree

-A pretty annoying track but I still like it.

10. The Underdog, Spoon

-Underdogs need all the understanding in the world.

11. In Praise of the Sun, Chicane

-Sublime track off my usual path. My friend Brian in Philly (formerly of Seattle) made me listen to this.

12. Sugar Finney, Everything But the Girl

-This is Chicago when the weather is great.

13. And the Healing Has Begun, Van Morrison

-The original healer.

14. Shadow of the Sun, Paul Weller

-This might've been any Wild Wood track, IMO. A true masterpiece album.

15. A Solid Bond In Your Heart, The Style Council

-It's like a feeling deep inside.

16. I'm So Proud, Curtis Mayfield

-Pride in the ability to give and receive love. One of the great soul-pop songs.

17. The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure, The Magnetic Fields

-I'm so sure love exists.

18. Headstart For Happiness, The Style Council

-We must be blessed.

19. The Ballad Of El Goodo, Big Star

-Ain't no one going to turn me 'round

20. Honky Tonk Healin', David Ball

-And, if all that fails, get drunk.


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