• righteous albums of 2008

    Gen 8 2009, 19:14

    hey yaaaaaaaall. best albums of oh eight

    1. "dear science" - tv on the radio
    2. "modern guilt" - beck
    3. "vampire weekend" - vampire weekend
    4. "tell it to the volcano" - miniature tigers
    5. "drunk like bible times" - dear & the headlights
    6. "oracular spectacular" - mgmt
    7. "the rhumb line" - ra ra riot
    8. "viva la vida or death and all its friends" - coldplay
    9. "santogold" - santogold
    10. "boo human" - joan of arc

    wish i bought:
    conor oberst's solo album
    that justice thing
    fleet foxes

    "narrow stairs" - death cab
    "back to normal" - bfolds
    "red album" - weezer

    wish existed:
    dr. dre's new album. such a tease

    don't care:
    "feed the animals" - girl talk (over it)
    "chinese democracy" - GNR (YOU ARE NOT GUNS AND ROSES, AXL ROSE & CO)
  • your wildest dreams

    Dic 21 2008, 9:12

    top 10 bands that i consider necessary to the completion of my life/need to see live (not including ones that are beyond the realm of possibility, such as the beatles):

    1. daft punk - i have been preparing for this one all my life. i watch their live shows on youtube on a semi-regular basis and i am certain that nothing else will ever be as beautiful or glorious after i finally see daft punk live.

    2. beck - purely based on the fact that beck is god

    3. led zeppelin - they reunited and i did not have the money, connections, or plane tickets to see them. something is seriously wrong with this picture.

    4. pink floyd - no explanation needed

    5. ted leo - okay, i have seen ted leo. but they were opening for death cab, my seats were pretty far back, and the crowd sucked. while i was losing my dome and screaming the words to all the songs, everyone else sat in their seats quietly. this is not how i wanted to see my favorite band live.

    6. arcade fire - i have heard some wonderful things about their live shows, and some bad. a band who can perform in an elevator with a few instruments and a phonebook cannot be horrible live. they just can't.

    7. jay-z - need to see hova hov. he could go on stage and perform a tap dance and i would probably be impressed.

    8. radiohead - probably on everyone's list

    9. justice - i can only imagine that a justice show would be like all your wildest dreams coming true

    10. the flaming lips - well, obviously
  • seen it live

    Nov 23 2008, 23:06

    ace enders
    algernon cadwallader
    america (lol)
    andrew bird - 2x
    arcade fire
    ben folds
    broken social scene
    clay aiken - 3x
    dada life
    dan deacon
    darius rucker
    david guetta
    dear & the headlights
    death cab for cutie
    draco & the malfoys
    finish ticket
    the format - 3x
    girl talk
    goo goo dolls
    the griswolds
    guster - 3x
    harry & the potters - 2x
    jedi mind tricks
    kendrick lamar
    kevin devine
    kid cudi
    lupe fiasco
    major lazer
    marina and the diamonds
    matt & kim - 2x
    mighty mighty bosstones
    miniature tigers - 3x
    ms mr
    the national
    passion pit
    of monsters and men
    ra ra riot
    richard fraoli
    sara bareilles
    say anything
    the shins
    steel train - 2x
    ted leo & the pharmacists
    t-pain (worst concert ever)
    the transplants
    vampire weekend
    wolfgang gartner
    yo la tengo