• Virtuality...

    Lug 13 2010, 9:50

    Wow! My last journal was well over a year ago!!! What does this mean... well it could be:

    1. I don't have anything to say (yeah right, me, you gotta be kidding!)
    2. I don't actually use Last.fm that much for actual listening now so I don't get on here to update stuff, mostly listen through Spotify and a bit of Radio Paradise - plus my Apple TV (where all my music sits) doesn't scrobble!!!
    3. You know how it is, virtuality pales sometimes for a while - MySpace has tumbleweed rolling down the corridors, Facebook has heroes and sycophants and being neither no-one much sees my musings - so unless you frequent Apple support forums you might have missed my recent virtual ramblings!

    Anyway - for all you listeners today's recommended track is:

    Sister Morphine

    Keith and Mick (and Marianne on this one of course) wrote some proper stuff whilst ingesting some proper stuff... :-)
  • Late night lazy Sunday listening...

    Gen 26 2009, 0:21

    ...with a glass of single malt of many years maturity and the Kinks - it's a funny old world :-)
  • Into the morning brightly...

    Ott 3 2008, 8:59

    iTunes 8 just got Genius and I got to listen to even more stuff in my library I haven't heard for ages! It does seem to favour Beth Orton though...but then, she is quirkily edible... :-) Central Reservation
  • Listening...

    Lug 9 2008, 22:22

    ...late at night, party shuffle, who knows what's there! I bought it, 20 years ago,last week? Frank Sinatra, Cold Play, Marvin Gaye, John Lee Hooker, Arctic Monkeys, Feeling, Beth Orton, Cat Power, Ian Dury, Pink, Amy, Amy oh Amy...don't die for me Amy...!