• Gong - Cycles - OK Friends live

    Gen 28 2009, 16:59

    This just has to be the best version of the Isle of Everywhere riff ever (link is to album version btw as this version not on last.fm). The flute solo is gorgeously sophisticated, then Theo takes over with mellifluous ease on the Sax, swooping and diving all over the gong-o-sphere, before Steffe steps in and rips it up on the guitar solo. The rhythm section grooves like a well oiled Flying Teapot engine. Versions like this remind me why I'm still into this band after all these years. This is ecstatic, gorgeous psychedelia at its very best, check it out.
  • Fantasy Set List

    Gen 23 2009, 13:52

    I'd like to see Here &and Now play this set:
    23 Skidoo
    Love Thing
    Nearer Now
    Surgeon's Knife
    Little Things
    Nude Temple Dream
    The Only Way
    Ways to be free
    Love of this world
    Fire in the sky
    Telly Song
    Jaques Cousteau loves anchovies
    Last Chance
    The end of the beginning
    What you see is what you are
    With lots of Jamming in between. Wouldn't that be great?
  • New Tracks

    Lug 19 2008, 18:09

    I've been in the studio recording again, so I've added some more tracks to Origami of the Soul. Very happy I am with them too. I have finally committed a version of The Ravens Of War to digital format so go and have a listen!
  • NME intense exclusive

    Lug 5 2008, 9:39

    I made my way into the NME this week. Sadly nothing to do with music, but I got my photo in the Glasto top 10 tents article (No 10!). Not exactly the most flattering article, but what would one expect from the NME anyway? Check it out!
  • We're too busy singing to put anybody down

    Mag 28 2008, 7:11

    I just listened to The Monkees' theme tune again and I still like them more than I should. They were one of the few bands I was into at the time, although I guess I must have been watching the Saturday morning re-runs. I remember liking Slade at the time (I was 5 OK?). Shame The Monkees never got taken more seriously. Boyce and Hart wrote some excellent songs themselves and then collaborated with the best songwriters of the time. They weren't political, they didn't appear to do religion or have any dramatic drug problems.

    Great music.