Lyrics Game #24


Lug 18 2007, 6:45

1. Take the red from your eyes and ink it into your skin. Now watch what you say, cause there's nothing gray about the color of your sin.
- Mirrors

2. I was going to spell it out in full detail, but I dropped the call before I spilled my guts. But your floor stayed clean, like my conscience will be.
- Bite My Tongue

3. There are times in our lives when we just cannot compromise. Can't take advice but can't deny all of the things wrong in our lives.

4. This is how we'll dance when, when they try to take us down. This is what will be our glory.
- Let the Flames Begin

5. I'll take this Cali sunrise with me and wake up with the fondest memories.
- Jamie All Over

6. You do your best to understand. I'm keeping you in mind but I'm getting out of hand.
- 21

7. It's gotta be easy to see what everyone takes out of me, knocking me down, dragging me out. How did you end up in that crowd?
- Five Becomes Four

8. I'm trying to believe in you, but all these satellites and shattered dreams are blocking out my view. Please don't forget who you really are, because nothing really matters when we're gone.
- All You Can Ever Learn is What You Already Know

9. Make it count when I'm the one who's selling you out, cause it feels like stealing hearts, calling your name from the crowd.
- Dear Maria (Count Me In)

10. I'll fight for every breath until there's nothing left of us.
- Believer

11. Too many things are missing, and there's a tear in my eye. It's not a question or an answer, but it will change your mind.
- Painted By Numbers

12. Get it all out and start freaking out just so we can make it out. Get off your feet and make this count.
- Break It Out

13. And the desperate search began all across this sea and land. I just knew I'd find you here. I just knew I'd find you.
- Lions Roar

14. I'm on my knees, but so are you, unfortunately for the wrong reasons. I keep incessantly believing that you're pure, but you know it's not true.
- Lust A Prima Vista

15. You know you're just so sure of wanting more, but nobody has a clue. You party with a secret smile. Doesn't that get you? This taste is bitter except when you finish, all done and lying in bed. This isn't too selfish, right?
- 31 Floors

16. Because sometimes, baby, you fall on your back. But girl, you're three times a lady I'll ever have. And you know, you know it's true; this is a fight a refuse to lose.
- I'll Run

17. Well, you don't wanna let me go but you can't have it both ways. Now what can I do? Cause I can't help falling and I can't stop calling you. What can I do?

18. I've been tripping over all the rules, living my live somebody else's way. I've been sinking on this ship of fools, following orders that I can't obey.
- Stand Up

19. I can finally say that I love you, that I miss you, that I need you certainly; but now my essence is spinning, spinning away.
- Leaving Dramatics

20. We have tested the buoyancy of loyalty. You left our lungs for canteens. You left our ankles for anchors. We thought your arms were tied behind your back, but elastic bands tied your hands. You swim with reckless abandon.
- Dead Men Tell No Tales

21. There's no telling where I'm gonna show up. Nobody knows how the night will end. There's no telling when I'm gonna wake up. Well, when I do, I'll do it all again.

22. Immediately we found out then that I can be blamed for this. Then I just figured out today, and you're so sweet. You say, "Go now and get your own life and live it your way."
- Lose It

23. Here is the song we wrote about you. Here is the song that you can sing along to. Up until you now you've only listened, so keep listenin' and start singin'.

24. Our heartbeats hold the rhythm of the song; it plays softly as we lay in the car.
- Firecracker

25. Race against the clock, running on no sleep, when there's no time to rest and there's no need to dream. Cause when you're with me, I feel like I'm dreaming.
- Quarantine My Heart (Baby)

26. Take the pain out of loving and love won't exist.
- Everything We Had

27. Listen, sweetie; you never meant that much to me. Hope your eyes can see what you did to me. You'll always be my enemy.
- Hey Italy

28. I've been waiting so long to feel my fingers slide all down your spine.
- Late Night Television

29. And I've never been one to keep quiet for long. And you never could have kept me from writing this song; you inspired every word of it all by yourself.
- Goodbye Reckless

30. I think we're safe within the crowd from watchful eyes that aim to keep me from my chances.
- The Press War

A Thorn For Every Heart
Between the Trees
The Donnas
Plain White T's

The Academy Is...
All Time Low
The Ataris
The Cab
Capitol Risk
Envy on the Coast
The Higher
The Hush Sound
Kill Hannah
Mayday Parade
New Atlantic
The Receiving End of Sirens
Relient K
The Rocket Summer
Scenes From A Movie
The Sounds
The Spill Canvas
The Starting Line
You, Me, and Everyone We Know


  • lukehinsy

    14 - Spill Canvas, Lust a Prima Vista 20 - Receiving End of Sirens - Dead Men Tell No Tales ((two amazing bands)) thanks for the entertainment; i love lyrics games

    Lug 18 2007, 18:16
  • joshuadirks

    2. Relient K - Bite My Tongue

    Lug 19 2007, 3:13
  • xvioletxkissesx

    1. Envy On The Coast - Mirrors [I think] 4. Paramore - Let The Flames Begin 9. All Time Low - Dear Maria 26. The Academy Is... - Everything We Had 27. Halifax - Hey Italy =]

    Lug 20 2007, 21:55
  • ellie117

    6. The Starting Line - 21 18. Melee - Stand Up 22. Cartel - Lose It 25. Powerspace - Quarantine My Heart

    Lug 21 2007, 5:36
  • rockyursenses

    16. The Cab- I'll Run

    Lug 21 2007, 9:25
  • romancerecited

    11. The Sounds - Painted By Numbers 13. The Hush Sound - Lions Roar

    Lug 22 2007, 22:00
  • guernica_87

    7 Yellowcard - Five Becomes Four 8 The Ataris - All You Can Ever Learn... 15 The Higher - 31 Floors 22 Cartel - Lose It :D

    Lug 23 2007, 13:57
  • stevenswim22

    10 kill hannah - believer

    Lug 24 2007, 0:20
  • ms_fairypants

    30. you, me, and everyone we know-the press war

    Lug 29 2007, 9:10
  • stopthebus220

    29. Goodbye Reckless - Scenes From A Movie

    Ago 6 2007, 0:18
  • postcardss

    Number 24 is Firecracker by Capitol Risk.

    Ago 10 2007, 2:47
  • deadsexyfish

    28. new atlantic - late night television

    Ago 19 2007, 4:37
  • ms_fairypants

    19. leaving dramatics-quietdrive

    Set 4 2007, 7:18
  • sammma

    17 plain white ts losing myself

    Ott 22 2007, 15:22
  • drailskid

    23 Between the Trees - The Forward

    Nov 20 2008, 20:09
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