Lyrics Game #22


Feb 11 2007, 6:21

1. I've got shaky little fingers that hold onto your grip you've got wrapped around my world so tight that I can't breathe. I'm suffocating.
- Crashing Down

2. I can't believe it's been a year since I kissed my fears on the salty lips and said to them, "I love you all."
- Still Searching

3. Homes in hills are chic and glamorous, but this one's not; it's drunk and adulterous.
- Mrs. Modern Home

4. Amateur youth, sling down those signs! Gather the masses, friends of mine! I've got your back if you've got my hand. This isn't over, it just began.
- Audrey, Start The Revolution!

5. And did you hear the news? I could dissect you and gut you on this stage. Not as eloquent as I may have imagined, but it will get the job done. You're done.
- My Heart Is the Worst Kind of Weapon

6. You gave me that look across the table at dinnertime. Your toes caress my ankle and I notice your breathing getting heavy, your speech short of steady. It's obvious you're ready.
- Tequila Moonlight

7. But how can I expect to fall when all you ever do is pretend to walk the broken bridge, leading me to you?
- Emergency

8. So I will never know the right way to say thanks for all the nights and days you spent hanging out, cause that's what this is about.
- Around the Clock

9. Throw my hands in the air, as if it really matters what you say. Can't I just be myself? I won't forfeit my soul for a pretty penny.
- ...But What Will They Say?

10. It's 1 AM and we're alone again. I reach out for the sky. My mind keeps playing all the words you're saying. I'm always wrong when you are right.
- Of All We've Known

11. We stop waiting and I start going home. You don't have to follow. Take this call as a hint we're moving on.
- This Conversation Is Over

12. You are the girl I never knew. Veronica, I hate you. You're in my way, we're so untrue. Veronica, I hate you.
- Veronica

13. And I traced the railroad through mountains and watched the trees, the white powder resting on their leaves, as I pulled a blanket over my knees.
- Lake Tahoe (For My Father)

14. They may say some awful things but there's no point in listening. Your words are the only words that I believe in afterwards.
- Baby, It's Fact

15. It wasn't time for this. It never is. The minutes, they hide from me, and it's the cruelest game of hide and seek where all I want is slipping through my fingers and I'm crumbling. It all falls apart every time.
- love the look, hate the lifestyle

16. And I can't wait to write you a letter for everyday that I can't bear. You can fill these moments with words like forever but you gotta swear, don't forget to remember me.
- Paper, Rock, Scissors

17. The only thing I've haven't done yet is die, and it's me and my plus one at the afterlife. Crowds are won and lost and won again, but our hearts beat for the diehards.
- Thriller

18. All alone, the way she feels left alone to deal with all the pain-drenched sorrow relief. Bite the lip, just forget the bleeding.
- The Way She Feels

19. You call me in the middle of the night so drunk you're ready to pass out, telling me you had a great time except for that hour you blacked out.
- Please Don't Do This

20. You look at me now. I see your hidden intentions written all over the side of your face.
- Intentions

21. I've got that lefty curse where everything that I do is flipped and awkwardly reversed.
- We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands

22. It feels like the stars are getting closer and the sky is closing in and I don't know where to begin.
- Me, You, and My Medication

23. Let me think of a is like candy; your love is like candy...wait, that's a simile.
- Keep It Comin'

24. In a race to the road on the way to apathy, it's life's little let downs; spontaneity.
- Pace Yourself

25. When I close my eyes and wonder where you are, and you wish upon a star, two thousand miles doesn't seem so far.
- I Loved The Way She Said 'LA'

26. You almost always pick the best time to drop the worst lines. You almost made me cry again this time. Another false alarm, red flashing lights; well, this time, I'm not going to watch myself die.
- Buried Myself Alive

27. It was one of those nights when you make twenty phone calls just to stay alive and you would talk to anyone, anyone who would possibly shed some light.
- Emergency

28. I'll take with me every single luxury when I leave you. Count on me for that and nothing more.
- Twenty-Twenty Surgery

29. So, tell me, is it right to feel like we're only getting smaller? And it's so hard to fight the feeling but I'm only treading water.
- Collapse

30. So this is the last time that I'll hold your hand. I want to kiss you on the mouth and tell you I'm your biggest fan.
- My Name Is Trouble

The Academy Is...
Between the Trees
Boys Like Girls
Fall Out Boy (x2)
The Higher
I Am The Avalanche
Just Surrender
Love Arcade
Never Heard of It
Nightmare Of You
Plain White T's
The Rocket Summer
Self Against City
Senses Fail
Taking Back Sunday
This Providence
Tyler Read
The Used
We Are Lions


  • kat-tun

    2. still searching - senses fail 6. tequila moonlight - self against city 26. buried myself alive - the used

    Feb 11 2007, 7:39
  • FenixFray

    9. This Providence - ...But What Will They Say?

    Feb 11 2007, 18:53
  • scrammy311

    11. this conversation is over- acceptance

    Feb 11 2007, 19:28
  • lostNlearning

    22. Boys Like Girls - Me, You, and My Medication

    Feb 11 2007, 22:47
  • JustAStatistic

    1. sugarcult-crashing down 16. jamisonparker-paper rock scissors 21. the academy is...-we've got a big mess on our hands 28. taking back sunday-twenty twenty surgery

    Feb 11 2007, 23:23
  • Bertzominator

    4. Anberlin - Audrey, Start The Revolution!

    Feb 12 2007, 20:54
  • getalife11x

    3. We Are Lions - Mrs. Modern Home

    Feb 12 2007, 21:38
  • xpolarisx

    18. Between the Trees - The Way She Feels

    Feb 13 2007, 4:54
  • xpolarisx

    18. Between the Trees - The Way She Feels

    Feb 13 2007, 4:55
  • ellie117

    8. The Rocket Summer - Around the Clock 13. Sherwood - Lake Tahoe 14. Hellogoodbye - Baby It's Fact 24. The Higher - Pace Yourself

    Feb 13 2007, 12:37
  • MakeThemJealous

    19. Plain White T's - Please Don't Do This

    Feb 13 2007, 21:41
  • buttmunChx33

    23. love arcade - keep it comin'

    Feb 19 2007, 1:57
  • Gitje

    10. Just Surrender - Of All We've Known

    Feb 20 2007, 18:00
  • stylepoints

    12. Never Heard of It - Veronica 15. Kenotia - Love the Look, Hate the Lifestyle 20. Tyler Read - Intentions 27. I Am the Avalanche - Emergency 29. Saosin - Collapse

    Mar 3 2007, 22:27
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