• From 'Very Low' to 'High': Just Married

    Dic 6 2008, 12:18

    Yesterday, december 5th 2008, teensy and I got married. We met some two and a half years ago on this website. We mostly discussed music, and even though our tastes at that time had only a very small overlap, I think we recognized and respected in each other the same kind of serious attitude to music that borders on, and sometimes crosses over into snobbery. ;)

    The story of how we met is not that special (to anyone but us, anyhow): We exchanged messages and emails for quite a while, and got to know each other a little, neither of us thinking about being anything but friends for the longest time. When we did meet up in meatspace for a drink, that turned out to be the start of something we hadn't anticipated. I don't want to get too yucky, so to make a long story short: we fell in love, moved in together, and yesterday morning we stated our intention to stay together indefinitely in front of witnesses. To keep this somewhat relevant to this place: we discovered a lot of new music, through eachother, and together. I knew very little about electronic music before we met, and have come to know and appreciate a lot more of it than I would have thought possible. I'm sure the reverse is also the case for other kinds of music. We both love listening to new music and going to concerts and I imagine this will remain a big part of our lives.

    I know last.fm is not a dating site, and I would hate to see it become one, (not because there is something wrong with dating sites, but I think there are enough out there,) but then people meet in all kinds of strange places and ways, so why not on what is still the awesomest music site in existence.

    So, thank you last.fm for being the cool place you are! I'm sure we might have met somewhere else, but this was as good a place as any, and better than some.

    A very happy (and finally 'high' :)) teensy and thisfred
  • autoqueue goes cross player

    Ago 12 2008, 9:07

    When m' colleague Sylvain expressed an interest in porting my autoqueue plugin for Quod Libet to itunes, I experimented a little with factoring out all the generic parts, and it turned out the player specific stuff isn't all that much, so I decided to do a little work and see what kind of problems I would run into when porting it to another player. I chose Rhythmbox for my experiment, since it's in my Ubuntu anyway, and it has support for python plugins.

    Turns out it was pretty easy. I have a large part of the featureset working in less than a day, with a lot of help from this page:


    and example code in Alexandre Rosenfeld's lastfmqueue plugin:


    which offers similar functionality, but is a little more lightweight (less features/bloat, depending on how you look at it ;)

    I also moved autoqueue into it's own repository, since it's now no longer solely a Quod Libet plugin, nor, hopefully, a single developer effort. If you're a rhythmbox (or Quod Libet) user and you're interested in checking an early, but working version out, get the plugin here:


    You'll need autoqueue.py, rhythmbox_autoqueue.py, and rhythmbox_autoqueue.rb-plugin. Drop those in your ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins directory, start rhythmbox, and activate the autoqueue plugin.

    If you have questions, feature requests, or would like to help with porting the plugin to your favorite player, you can contact me directly, or even better, join the autoqueue mailing list here:


    autoqueue on build.last.fm:


    Next on my list:

    pytone support!
  • Quod Libet plugins released!

    Lug 1 2008, 8:53

    After working on them for a long time, and then procrastinating for at least as long on wrapping them up into releasable shape, I'm sort of proud to announce my plugins for Quod Libet, (the best music player I have yet found):


    There are three plugins in there, in order of increasing complexity and interest:

    1. autosearch.py

    Very simple plugin, searches for the title of the current song in your library: Good for getting rid of duplicates, and finding possible covers.

    2. lastfmtagger.py

    Useful only if you have a last.fm account and make use of tags there. This will synchronize last.fm tags both ways, saving them in a custom 'tag' id3 field in your local files. Since Quod Libet has a great id3 editing interface (Ex Falso, also usable as a stand alone application,) this makes adding and editing tags to songs, artists and albums on last.fm much easier.

    3. autoqueue.py

    This gets similar tracks to the ones you play from last.fm and puts them in the queue. It is smart enough not to play the same artists/songs for a configurable time, and has some other options (for instance it can also look up similar songs based on the tags created by the lastfmtagger.py mentioned above.) It works pretty well in creating a consistent yet not wholly predictable listening experience if you have a large and diverse library.

    As always, feedback is very welcome, I'm sure there are some bugs left in there, or at the very least some rough edges.

    As soon as the 2.0 last.fm API has all the methods my plugins need, I will port them to it, which shouldn't be too much work, and would no longer require you to store your last.fm password in plain text on the filesystem.
  • Favorite free last.fm mp3s

    Ago 24 2007, 12:31

    I just thought I'd start a little list here with my picks from the huge number of freely downloadable mp3s on here:




    Baby's Romance




    The Little Patton


    Learning the Lie




    Powers That Be


    Spring Came, Rain Fell


    Cake And Discipline


    Phoney Phranchise






    The Wonder


    Lift Me Up


    Sun Lips
  • Metropolis 2007 tagged for your listening pleasure

    Giu 15 2007, 12:13

    Metropolis 2007 (http://www.metropolisfestival.nl) looks like a very interesting edition of the annual free Rotterdam festival.

    Check out a tag radio station of the line up here:

  • Lowlands 2007 tagged for your listening pleasure

    Mag 29 2007, 11:27

    I've tagged all artists officially confirmed to play Lowlands 2007 as , and will continue to tag (or untag) them as new information comes in. You can listen to the global tag, but I see there are some artists on there that are not yet confirmed by lowlands. If you want to check out my personal lowlands 2007 tag radio, you can do so here, or through this direct link

    I did the same thing last year, and listened to it a *lot* in the months leading up to the festival, resulting in me wanting to see a lot more bands than was physically possible, a lot of them I wouldn't have known about, but for last.fm. For this, and other reasons ;) I *so* luuuuuuuuurv this site!
  • Noorderslag

    Gen 15 2007, 13:02

    I'm not entirely sure about the order anymore, but this is more or less what I saw at Noorderslag this year:

    Ilse DeLange: One of my guilty pleasures. Hadn't seen her live before, and I'm glad I did. Backed by a very professional band. Not exactly adventurous, but hey.

    Hasselhoff: In one word: crap. It's all about the gimmick, I get it, but the gimmick doesn't exactly survive a singer who can't sing and the equipment breaking down multiple times.

    Malle Pietje and the Bimbos: Music to drive your hummer to. Gezellig.

    La Melodia: A very proficient rapper, with an old school flow, and yes, that's a good thing!

    Kubus: DJ-ed a great set. He was joined halfway through by MC BangBang with whom I gather he just recorded an album. I might check that out.

    Johan: Very good, but then they always are.

    c-mon and kypski: This was my discovery of the night, and perhaps of the entire 3 days. I should be ashamed, because they are from Utrecht, and I've let many an opportunity go by to go see them before. Oh well, better late than never. They were an excellent closing act, visibly having at least as much fun as the crowd. To complete the fun, they had some guest appearances including Voicst and Pete Philly.
  • Eurosonic day 2

    Gen 13 2007, 16:40

    Again a very good day at Eurosonic, but quite a bit busier than day 1, which meant we didn't get to see everything we'd liked to.

    Anna Ternheim: Couldn't get in.

    William White: Went here to wait for Ozark Henry, but that was a mistake: it was a very small room, and the only seats open we're right in front of the stage. Furthermore, the music was a little too laid back for my taste. That, and the after effects of the night before, meant I kept almost falling asleep. To avoid that particular embarrassment, we tried to leave as unobtrusively as possible, between songs. That resulted in a thank you from Mr. White himself, and the assurance that we were going to miss the best part of the show. Possibly so.

    Ozark Henry: Nice, but once again not really my 'thang'.

    Das Wanderlust: Couldn't get in.

    Illicit: So we went here. Hip-hop with a live band. Almost never a good idea, unless you're The Roots.

    The Magic Numbers: At lowlands I was kind of disappointed, after liking the first album a lot, but I'm really glad I gave it another go, because they really came into their own in the smaller setting of the town theater. It may surprise those who know me for the miserable fuck I am, but I'm a sucker for feel good, and the Numbers are nothing if not that. Best act of day 2.

    Hello Saferide: couldn't get in.

    Goose: Very nice live band. I wouldn't necessarily want a cd, but I *would* go see them live again. It's retro eurohouse played by a live band with a pop sensibility in the verses. Belgian == hip, it's proven once more.

    Shitdisco: Only saw 1.5 song, can't really comment.

    We had previously split up, with C. and my brother going for Bromhead jackets and Five O'Clock Heroes, both of which were really good, apparently. At this point we joined forces again for

    About: This time the laptop didn't crash, and what I'd hoped was true: they do a good show. The complicated beats didn't throw the crowd, and much fun was had.

    All in all a good night again, and hopefully one more coming!
  • Eurosonic day 1

    Gen 12 2007, 14:59

    The first day of Eurosonic was great. I would call the festival a success even if today and tomorrow are a disappointment, although I hope they aren't. ;)

    Johnossi: They were at the same venue as the band below, for which we were early. Not really my kind of band, so, on to the next one:

    The Young Knives: Really really *really* my kind of band. When I get home, I'll have to investigate if there's an album. They vaguely reminded me at times of both The Sultans Of Ping (melodic and punky) and Devo (staccato and geeky). Lovely.

    Lo-Fi-Fnk: Not bad, but they played at an unfortunate setting (very small stage at floor level) and they seemed a bit intimidated by being so close to the crowd. Or maybe they're just shy. I liked what I heard on last.fm, but it didn't really work for me live.

    Oh No Ono: Another skandinavian band, at another very small venue, but a world of difference. They're visually kind of creepy with the skinyy-adrogyno-faux-afro-look but maybe that's just my lingering skandinavofobia. But that's as may be, after a few songs I was definitely sold. Apparently they like the 60s, but that's no longer the crime it once was, and retro is back anyway. Again I'll have to check whether there's an album.

    Leningrad: By the time we got to see them, we were in a party mood, and that was fortunate, because as it tured out, so were they. Another weird venue, but in a good way: the town theater, but somehow the band was were the seats are normally, and the audience was where you would expect the stage. The huge band backed by the red balconies looked really good. Sounded really good too.

    If tonight and tomorrow are anywhere near this good, this is gonna be hard to beat by whatever else 2007 brings.

    Once again: THANK YOU last.fm! I previously knew none of these bands, and wouldn't have known what to go and see without the tag radio.
  • Eurosonic and Noorderslag 2007 tagged

    Gen 2 2007, 15:42

    I've created a combined tag for Eurosonic 2007 and Noorderslag 2007, mainly so I can check out what I want to see, since I hardly know any of the bands. I've added all the bands I could find on last.fm, not just the ones I like. You'll have to do your own banning ;). Also: some of the artist's names are ambiguous, so what you hear may not always be what you'll get...

    The global tag is here: , though my personal tag seems to work better, so subscribers may want to try here:


    I've already heard quite a few new things I like!

    The line up is up-to-date with the information that was on the official site this morning. I've also updated the events' information with the new newly added artists.

    [Edit jan. 4:] Updated with the new acts, also added to the Eurosonic event.