From 'Very Low' to 'High': Just Married


Dic 6 2008, 12:18

Yesterday, december 5th 2008, teensy and I got married. We met some two and a half years ago on this website. We mostly discussed music, and even though our tastes at that time had only a very small overlap, I think we recognized and respected in each other the same kind of serious attitude to music that borders on, and sometimes crosses over into snobbery. ;)

The story of how we met is not that special (to anyone but us, anyhow): We exchanged messages and emails for quite a while, and got to know each other a little, neither of us thinking about being anything but friends for the longest time. When we did meet up in meatspace for a drink, that turned out to be the start of something we hadn't anticipated. I don't want to get too yucky, so to make a long story short: we fell in love, moved in together, and yesterday morning we stated our intention to stay together indefinitely in front of witnesses. To keep this somewhat relevant to this place: we discovered a lot of new music, through eachother, and together. I knew very little about electronic music before we met, and have come to know and appreciate a lot more of it than I would have thought possible. I'm sure the reverse is also the case for other kinds of music. We both love listening to new music and going to concerts and I imagine this will remain a big part of our lives.

I know is not a dating site, and I would hate to see it become one, (not because there is something wrong with dating sites, but I think there are enough out there,) but then people meet in all kinds of strange places and ways, so why not on what is still the awesomest music site in existence.

So, thank you for being the cool place you are! I'm sure we might have met somewhere else, but this was as good a place as any, and better than some.

A very happy (and finally 'high' :)) teensy and thisfred


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