Brian Wilson at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre, 22/9/07


Set 23 2007, 11:50

Sat 22 Sep – Brian Wilson
Last night I saw Mr Brian Wilson, the mastermind behind the Beach Boys.

I was sitting on the fifth floor in "nosebleed seats". At times there were 17 musicians on the stage with him, including a string and brass band from Stockholm and two keyboard players.

Here are some of the songs he played, in no particular order

Do it again (this was the first song and even though it's silly and happy I cried because it was my first spotting of Brian)
Good Vibrations
California Girls
God Only Knows (boo hoo)
Wouldn't It be Nice?
Heroes and Villains (Smile version)
Fun Fun Fun
Help me Rhonda (a real highlight)
Johnny B Goode
Sloop John B (more tears)
Do you wanna dance?
I Get around
Surfin USA
Surfer Girl
In My room
Then I kissed her
When I grow up
Don't Worry Baby
Barbara Ann
Love and Mercy

He played his "newly commissioned song cycle, "Lucky Old Sun", the main fugue of which is based on the Louis Armstrong song "[track artist=Louis Armstrong]Lucky Old Sun (Just Rolls Around Heaven All Day)[/track]". A recurring theme in it is "the heartbeat of LA" and there were a couple parts which were very sad, with lyrics like I was 25 when I turned on the dark, because I couldn't stand the clear light of day" and "I had a dream/that my brothers and I sang in close harmony... I find Brian a deeply affecting person, because of his intense sincerity. He's not as able to play as he once was; he sat in front of a keyboard and played very little, choosing to sing, clap and wave his hands about a bit more. I was overjoyed when near the end he strapped on a guitar and played a bit during one of the classics. In the front at the bottom there were loads of people dancing right in front of the stage. I think this was one of the most important if not the most important gig I have attended thus far. When I left the theatre, my hands were sore from clapping and my voice hoarse from singing along and whooping.


  • kirstenin

    It was AMAZING!

    Set 23 2007, 13:32
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