TOOL, Mastodon, 16/12/2006, Olympic Fencing Hall, Athens, Greece


Dic 23 2006, 18:14

Sat 16 Dec – Tool, Mastodon

Well, yeah, a week later I finally found the time to write down my thoughts for the show... and it's in english too! :P

This must have been the most higly anticipated show of my whole life. It's not only the fact that Tool is one of my favourite bands of all times, it's also that they had never been to Greece before and judging from their touring habits they might take a long time before (and if) they ever come back again. Having that said let's proceed to the show itself, but I warn ya, there is lot of whining included:

I reached the venue at about 6.20, and about a quarter later the gates opened... unfortunately the greek organisers decided to squeeze us all through 2 tiny gates in both points of ticket control which resulted to a long wait... but anyway we entered the "Olympic Fencing Hall" to find out it was just an airplane hangar with a stage (since these Olympic installations for Athens 2004 were built in the old airport of Elliniko). The place started to fill up pretty quickly and at 8.00, when Mastodon took the stage the place was full of people, at least from the stage to the sound console, something that showed the great drawback of this venue... the fact that those under 1,80 where having real trouble seeing the performers... and I measuring just a mere 1,73 (or something...) had to keep on standing on the edges of my feet trying to avoid other people's heads in front of me.

Mastodon: Unfortunately I cannot say much about Mastodon, their sound was just awful! The only thing I could hear was an ugly wall of sound with the drums being the only instrument one could make out, no guitars, no bass, no vocals. It was sad actually, I would really like to see Mastodon performing live and this was a nice opportunity, well actually I was able to see them, and they seemed to be playing real good, regretfully few managed to trully have a good time (possibly imagining what Mastodon would sound) throughout their set.

Tool: 9.30. Thankfully the sound was highly improved once the 4 took the stage. They began with Stinkfist and went on (as their sound improved even more) with Forty Six & 2, one of my favourite tracks from Ænima, Jambi and Schism, it was then time for the Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann)/Rosetta Stoned which resulted to a short break with the band gathered at the middle of the stage, lighting up ...lighters. An introduction to the magnificent Wings... Wings for Marie (Part 1) and 10,000 Days (Wings Part 2) were accompanied by a wonderfull laser show, this seemed to be the best part of the show for me, until... well until the next song, which was Lateralus, actually a special version of Lateralus because Mastodon came on stage, at first only the drummer and guitarist (don't ask for names please :) ) augmenting the band to 6 but also Justin and Adam gave their instruments to the other 2 members of Mastodon for a couple of notes, it was a nice experiment and it also was the first time of the night I actually listened Mastodon playing! After the end of the song, the hugs, the thanks from Maynard followed by "Now get the fuck out!" lol! Tool played Vicarious, which included a short break in the middle of the song with roadies coming up on stage wearing white robes and filling up glases of wine for the band. As a conclusion to the night Tool embarged on Ænema... and then the lights went on ending one of the best shows I have ever seen.

A show which I would have been far more pleased from if the greek organisers, Didi Music, had picked a better venue and decided for once to treat their clients as such and not as sheep. But damn, if I had such fun at a show where I had to struggle to be able to see the band imagine how good it was (or just how much I like Tool)!


  • lykojo

    sweet! the thing about greek organizers is always the same. it's a fixed factor... i hope it will change sometime...

    Dic 23 2006, 23:27
  • mirthe

    Ah, they didn't play 10,000 Days (Wings Part 2) when I saw them in November. I'm jealous!

    Gen 3 2007, 22:27
  • Camiseta_

    I was there too and agree with the description. I would like to add that when they played Aenema as a closing song I almost cried. hehe:) Looking forward to seeing them again, once is never enough with this band, and I hope to listen to my all-time-favourite: Third Eye live.. Prying open my third eye

    Feb 9 2007, 0:25
  • MidnightNoa

    I was there :)

    Lug 3 2007, 13:20
  • VampiReflection

    well i couldn't make it there cause i got sick.but i hope i'll get them in september if me and my boyfriend don't have exams!if u greektools check out u'll be sooo pleased!they'll come again!i hope terra vibe will be better than O.F.H. cause i'm a shortie..fuck greek moneysucking ticks&leeches gig-organizers...

    Lug 4 2007, 21:56
  • VampiReflection

    o.f.h. could stand for Oh Fucking Hell

    Lug 6 2007, 14:32
  • thedaydreamer1

    Damn!!!!!! I'll be out of town... and basically out of Greece in September so ...fuck greek moneysucking ticks&leeches gig-organizers... +1

    Lug 8 2007, 23:22
  • VampiReflection

    are PL3- 25 euros *ONLY TILL 21 AUGUST* PL2 - 40 euros PL1 - 50 euros

    Lug 16 2007, 19:28
  • pantelis83

    I was there..i had to take a shit boat from heraklion to piraeus.and i think it worth the cost.

    Set 30 2007, 13:19
  • vasiab

    I was there, too + I had the time of my life!! [I also cried a couple of times....Maynard's voice was wooooow!+Adam Jones was a god-like figure!]

    Ott 20 2008, 0:11
  • mouratidou

    mmmm Yes I saw this late! as for the show , you really address the disadvantages! I could not see ANYTHING!!!! I was wondering around switching places and finally I gave up.... Didi Music sucks ass! they never organize concerts they way they should. I hope they will all get fired so serious people can start organizing concerts in Greece!

    Ago 22 2010, 20:10
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