• The Uneasy Side of College Life: Huh?!

    Ago 25 2009, 18:40

    I don't really normally write journals on so don't expect a ton of these.

    Continuting on with the subject of the day (week, month, year):
    College? Why is it so important? Why does it cost so dang much? How is it really?

    Well I could answer all of these questions and bore you about how I feel about it but then you would ingore this.

    Here's how I see it:
    You go to college to get an good education for the future ahead. You wonder if it's really right for you since you have a high school degree (or GED). Yeah, you could get some jobs with a HS degree but you sometimes need more in order to prepare for the road ahead.

    An example of this would be my future to become a teacher (yes a teacher, wow, brats. XD). I always wondered about being it since my main inspriation came from...surprisingly...a librarian. I always figured that being a Nurse would be good but I'm not really sure if that's the real job I want. So I've changed to a History Teacher for reasons that would probably bore you.

    I'm not going to say who but I guess where you get your education, it pays to know who actually inspired you to do so. Yeah, I suck at grammar, math, and a variety of other things I don't really want to mention.

    Writing is not really my strength but it helps to understand how to write and how you are driven to do so (no matter the billions of mistakes you could make).

    But there's my question, comment away if you please.

    What has college or high school taught you in your journey/life? Prepare? Goal? What?

    Just keep it simple. Nothing in essay form, please. Two paragraph or how many will allow you to do.
    Here's an idea: Copy the question from this journal (please say where you got it from) and then answer it.

    Have fun!