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Dic 6 2008, 4:36

When I lived in Spain a few years ago, I learnt a thing or two. I learned that Spain is NOT Mexico, as a lot of North Americans are wont to believe, assume, expect. I learned that Mexico is the way it is because of Spain -- The good, the bad, the ugly. I love Mexico, and I truly love Spain. One of the people in Spain that influenced me exponentially was a very beautiful person from San Fernando. I fell in love with her and stupidly messed it up... as I'm very good at doing. So anyway, she had great taste in everything, but I'm not so sure about her music, now that I look back. She had me HOOKED on Spanish . I don't know much else about music from the Iberian Peninsula, but whenever I hear Spanish , I wax sentimentally and am lost in nostalgia. Here are some of the groups (with the help of that I still hear when I think of downtown Cadiz, Jerez, and the beaches of Costa de la Luz & Costa del Sol:

1. Mecano
2. La Oreja de Van Gogh
3. Alejandro Sanz
4. Ana Torroja
5. Miguel Bosé
6. Hombres G
7. Presuntos Implicados
8. Ella Baila Sola
9. Amaral
10. Paulina Rubio
11. Julieta Venegas
12. Nena Daconte
13. Shakira
14. Rosana
15. Azúcar Moreno
16. Massiel
17. Juanes
18. Paloma San Basilio
19. Isabel Pantoja
20. Thalía
21. Mónica Naranjo
22. Luis Miguel
23. Efecto Mariposa
24. David Civera
25. Manu Tenorio

Perchance I wasn't snapping my fingers to , I was out looking for something more in-country, more . After all, Andalusia is the birthplace of , and one cannot walk through any spanish town any night and not see dancers and/or a , somewhere. So I'd sit down and have a sherry and watch the show. Such great music.

1. Ottmar Liebert
2. Jesse Cook
3. Armik
4. Paco de Lucía
5. Gipsy Kings
6. Oscar Lopez
7. Andrés Segovia
8. Julian Bream
9. Strunz & Farah
10. Joaquín Rodrigo
11. Tierra Negra
12. Manuel de Falla
13. Johannes Linstead
14. Vicente Amigo
15. Paco Peña
16. Pepe Romero
17. Heitor Villa-Lobos
18. Rodrigo y Gabriela
19. Carlos Campos
20. Alabina
21. Isaac Albéniz
22. Fanfare Ciocărlia
23. Henrik T
24. Lara & Reyes
25. Gino D'Auri

One other thing... There is another part of Iberia, a place to the west called Albufeira in a great country called Portugal. Such great people, great food, and great music. All those years of world influence has come back there in spades. Bossa Novas and Sambas from Brazil. But one of the best experiences is listening to Fado.

1. Mariza
2. Amália Rodrigues
3. Maria Rita
4. Cesária Évora
5. Dulce Pontes
6. Cristina Branco
7. Madredeus
8. Mísia
9. Seu Jorge
10. Bebel Gilberto
11. Cibelle
12. Farofa Carioca
13. Marisa Monte
14. Astrud Gilberto
15. Lura
16. Arto Lindsay
17. Chico Buarque
18. Sabrina Malheiros
19. Mayra Andrade
20. Mafalda Arnauth
21. Jorge Ben Jor
22. João Gilberto
23. Céu
24. Katia Guerreiro
25. Ana Carolina


  • danny_g

    Yes man, absolutely right! Spain is NOT Mexico and Cuba is NOT Mexico also. I'm so sick of ignorant people... Adiós.

    Dic 7 2008, 21:40
  • Inmensidad_Azul

    There are some mexican artists though...(Thalía, Paulina Rubio, Julieta Venegas...) and yes, Spain is not Mexico but Mexico isn't a copy of Spain either. Mexico happens to be one of the culturally richest countries in latin america due to its haunting folklore and traditions. I have to say i love the last two lists...though i share some of the first...Mónica Naranjo is said to be one of the best singers in Spain nowadays and i think you've missed Rocío Jurado and Pastora Soler, both great, great pop and folk singers. Well, sorry to hear about that girl thing...but it kinda makes Spain more evocative, doesn't it?... Keep listening to this amazing music :)

    Nov 26 2009, 2:51
  • MariaLuzyaraAnd


    Apr 13 2010, 14:53
  • Mullarkey88

    This is gr8, have been looking for good spanish music!

    Mag 27 2010, 10:35
  • jessicarc14

    thank you for the beautiful words about Portugal

    Mag 12 2011, 17:06
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