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  • on_her_horizon

    Hi! Yesterday was national holiday and today we got a day off, so I'm enjoying some quiet time finally, catching up, watching TV shows and such :) How are you, how is life? Is work okay? I assume it's quite busy now? June is always sooo crazy for us, I can't wait for it to be over. But my vacation time is just a bit over a month away, counting down to that. Do you also have any days off, do you have the right for vacation? Here it depends on where you work, but usually not for the first six months you're employed somewhere. So glad for you to hear you'll have so many friends you know there in Vienna with you! :) My plan for Vienna is get there by car with a friend. Arrive on Sunday and leave some time after the show. I absolutely have to be at work on Mon cause I need Tue and Wed off for Ljubljana and Zagreb. I haven't asked him yet, I so so so hope he's up for it, cause if not, I'm gonna have to skip it... So nervous about asking, but last year it was okay, so fingers crossed! Hugs!!

    5 Giu 10:01 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    Hi! Done with work? Weekend time! :D Also, looking at you events lit, what a great thing to see all these Editors shows lined up together!! ^^

    22 Mag 15:36 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    Hello :) So sorry for being quiet, time is totally rushing by for me... This is a hectic week and so very little time for myself when I'm at home. But I just wanted to put your mind at ease :) Both your Zagreb and your Vienna ticket are safe at my place :D would you like me to send them to you? Btw when buying tickets for Vienna, I could see seating chart and the whole seated section was grayed out. Do you remember if there were people sitting when you were there? I think I do remember seats being on sale for their last show, so possibly they're sold out? Anyway I got you a standing ticket of course :D So all is well!! Hee!! :D :D Also very glad to hear about Giules!! How about Anna and Mira? I got Mira the ticket for Zagreb too! Whee it's gonna be awesome!! ♥♥ Hope work has been treating you kindly. Only two days left before the weekend, whee! Off to go to running, we just got info to apply for our first race next month, 5k eep!! I'm clearly insane XD Wishing you a lovely afternoon!

    13 Mag 15:24 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    Oh no this freaking sucks :( :( What are the chances!! Missing out on a show is horrible enough as it is, but knowing you could've been there? UGH!! I can imagine pretty much how it feels, I've been in nearly the same position cause of my moronic confused boss haha. Super super frustrating! Also I know how rare it is to have someone you like come to Hungary, so that makes things even worse... Just one big fucking cosmic joke, ugh :( All I can say for a bit of consolation, take a look at the events list to your right, I know it's not the same and one show can't make up for another, but it's the best I can think of right now. And get some sleep, Sleep always helps. At least for a while it takes your mind off things. Hope you'd feel better in the morning. Big big BIG hugs! ♥♥

    8 Mag 22:03 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    ...still be in Dublin on Sunday waiting for my flight back home. I totally did not remember to check about when buying the tickets for Ireland and trying to see if I can make it to UK the week later. Not that it would've mattered if I had known anyway, Editors have priority plus the marathon will be there next year as well and I'll hopefully be in better shape by then anyway. So there's really nothing to complain about :) Good to hear you're alright. Sometimes it's okay that work is busy cause days rush by. I can't believe tomorrow already is a Day Before Friday as we call it at work ;) Yes, everyone makes mistakes, I made some too, pretty embarrassing ones haha. Buut don't worry, don't stress about it, you're there to learn :) And just keep the important things in mind, the fall tour that is :D Can't believe we got so lucky with so many dates close and on good days!! Vienna, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Budapest! :D Anyway time for me to go to bed... Wishing you a good day tomorrow! Sleep well!

    6 Mag 20:16 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    I was sooo looking forward to it. I think you run with your instructor in the group you trained with if you want to and can also of course run at a slower or faster pace or walk if you need to. It sounds super super motivational. I was actually thinking of doing the Wings For Life race last weekend if you've heard of it, but I would've walked a lot cause we still don't run for long without stopping. I found the whole idea incredibly inspiring and got chills (and got teary eyed too) watching videos from previous races... And then when I wanted to apply like a month before it took place (I waited to see how fast we'll be progressing at the running school cause I didn't want to completely embarrass myself haha!) the registration for my country was closed cause too many people applied :( That was very demotivating. But I kept telling myself, that's ok, there's the October marathon coming up. And haha, no, not anymore, it collides with the Dublin show XD I mean it's a day later, but I'll...

    6 Mag 20:08 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    ... a running club. Anyway so far it's still the very beginning and pretty amateur. We're divided into five groups according to our speed. On Monday we ran for 12 mins and repeated it twice, with a pause of 3 minutes during which you walk. Today we ran for 4 mins with walking of 1.5 mins in between. On Friday we'll run 20 + 10 mins, with I think 3 mins of walking in between. We don't always run at the same speed, Wed is the fastest cause the time we spend running the shortest, and on Fridays we always run at the slowest speed. Our first race is in a month XD 5 km, eep! And just at the end of the running school course, you are encouraged to run a marathon. Well not the whole marathon (that would be 44 km ;) but I think either 10 or 21 km (21 km is a half-marathon). It's a big event that takes place in Zagreb and is open for professional runners as well as people who just run for fun and this is its 24th year. The whole city center closes on Sunday when it takes place.

    6 Mag 20:04 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    I should get paid on Monday, so first thing after work :) :) Don't stress out about paying me back. School comes first, and if you'd need to pay for any expenses for the trip and so on already. Oh wooow that's great news about Giules!! :D :D I remember her from the wait for Rome :) We were all miserably hot by that iron gate there but also so freaking happy haha! And that entrance was so cool, although those priority tickets cost me so much nerves... Any news? Did she get the ticket already? That is beyoooond cool she'll also be there! There are always some shows that just feel super special and it's like everyone is there and all is well :D :D I just realized I hadn't specified about this event XD Well big news (kinda, haha, my life is kinda dull so everything counts as big news ;) is that I started running school in March :p Don't ask haha! But it's fun and really awesome and I'm enjoying the hell out of it! It lasts until the end of October. Afterwards, if you want to, you can join

    6 Mag 19:59 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    Wah constantly short on time, I should've been in bed by now...Just wanted to say that I wanted to go to buy your ticket tomorrow (stayed a bit longer at work today and had to rush back home to take T out) but Mira wrote to me and asked me if I can get her the ticket for Zagreb. I'd be very glad to do that :) I asked her thought if it would be okay if I did it on Monday since I'm a bit short on money and that's when I get paid, so i thought I could get the Vienna ticket then too? But if you think it's risky and it may sell out before then, I'll go tomorrow, no problem :) Otherwise I just realized that if I go to Ireland to see the first two shows, i won't be at home on Sunday for a big event taking place in Zagreb I was really really looking forward to :( :( Shit. Setting priorities sucks :( But otherwise, all is well here. Still buzzing from all these dates and can't believe things are moving forward! Only half a year more go to, heh XD Hope you've had a good day :) 4 left till Fri!;)

    4 Mag 20:09 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    *that I hope to have the time...

    3 Mag 19:55 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    Day rushed by, just wanted to say that I have the time to get you the Vienna ticket tomorrow :D Also this: cause it's priceless ^^ Speak tomorrow, HURRHURR and a bit WHEEEEE for all the excitement that is to come!!

    3 Mag 19:54 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    Wow €15 for Budapest! Zagreb was €17, I thought that was the cheapest one! I so so so wish I could do Hungary, but you know, that may really be borderline dangerous, it's just too suspicious... if only there'd be like two-three weeks in between these shows... But Vienna AND Zagreb is really REALLY good!! :D :D We got lucky this year! And Gasometer is an awesome venue, as you know, and you already know the Zagreb one as well :) The shows I added, none of that is certain. Most likely are Belfast and Dublin (Fri & Sat), cause I got really really lucky and that Thu is a national holiday and we get Fri off as well, and I can fly to Ireland from Munich. Pretty easy. Suuuuper excited to attend the two opening shows of the tour! I'll have to still see about the rest. If only they had a solo show in the summer, it would make things sooo much easier! ;) I did buy the tickets already, they're going fast. So happy for them! They seemed so excited, that was incredibly precious! ^^

    2 Mag 20:57 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    Vienna is like 95% sure. It's Sunday, so that is good, but I have to be back home by 7 am to go to work on Mon (need Tue and Wed off for Ljubljana and Zagreb). Which means I'd need someone to drive me back cause there are no midnight trains/buses. Just a few hours ago I saw the friend with the car who drove me back from Vienna the last time, but we went to the cinema and he hurried back home later and I didn't get the chance to ask him :( I'm pretty sure it'll be fine though, since he also doesn't need a day off cause it's Sunday, and I went to shows to Vienna with him a few times already. Tom is my life ruiner and that friend is often a life saver ;) So I got my Vienna and Ljubljana tickets today. Wanted to save on shipping and got them at a ticket shop. I wasn't worried about Vienna but Slovenia looks like a super small show (a cinema) so just in case... I could totally get one for you as well! Monday or Tuesday, no worries! :) So Vienna is also a done deal for you too? :D :D

    2 Mag 20:40 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    Since when are you working? And when did you start attending school? Web design sounds great :D Something you were already good at, and it's always sooo much easier when people around you are nice too! Also to hear you feeling okay around these people and interacting!How are you making it work with both school and work? I wish I could find some job over the summer, something part-time to save some money, not much, just to have some money aside to help paying for all the traveling in the fall. Right now it's tricky cause of my weird work schedule, but I'll see if anything opens up during summer. Anyway wah hope I covered everything, my head is all over the place. The most important thing is that Zagreb is covered and I hope you got the Vienna ticket or will get it soon, and no matter how bad things are, there are really really bright (sweaty ;) things waiting for us in the future, and that helps a lot ♥♥ Do you also have a day off today? Hope so, enjoy it and speak very soon! HURRHURR!!

    1 Mag 10:33 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    WhatsApp, well I have prepaid cards and not a contract for my cell phone. And you can get certain umm monthly "subscriptions", like deals, tariffs, you know? So I pay €5 a month and I get unlimited text messages and calls to people who are on the same provider, as well as 1GB of traffic monthly (renewed weekly, so it's 250 MB per week, which I prefer cause even if you spend it all, it's only until next week). WhatsApp uses veeery little traffic, it's just bytes really, so even when I'm outside home and not on wifi, I can text and am always available. I don't go online much otherwise when not on wifi, just no need. Gosh I know, I wanted a new external hard drive for backup and also my camera is messing up, but I can't afford *anything* before next year now XD Spent a small fortune yesterday haha! "Tom Smith worked at a call centre before he became a full-time life ruiner." You are awesome! :D Have you seen his swines tweet yesterday btw? I nearly snorted loudly at work :p

    1 Mag 10:24 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    Where is Anna from? Has she attended some Editors shows where I could meet her? i guess not, since you said you haven't been to a show with her. It's absolutely amazing when you have people you know at your shows!! Makes everything so much better! ♥♥ It would be lovely to see Mira and Mystrea! Let me know if they decide to come to Vienna and/or Zagreb! Also your sister! I think they have like five German shows? So hopefully she can find something close to her! Germany is well covered! What surprises me is that they have only one Italian show? I wonder if they may add more later... So there's still hope for Giules! :D Haha about No Harm vs. Get Hurt. I was planning on maybe seeing Gaslight Anthem here at Tvornica, but then decided to go to that Rolling Stone festival where Editors were playing instead (it was on the same weekend). It was the last time I saw them live. Oh no about OneRepublic :( Absolutely no chance something may change? Are tickets very expensive? Or issues time-wise?

    1 Mag 10:11 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    He told me I should go to another ticket office nearby and I can get them there, but it was after 8 pm already. And today is a holiday, so everything is closed. And I have to wait for tomorrow. I hope Ljubljana doesn't sell out by then, it's a really great venue, totally small, inside a cinema, would love to go there! Plus transport is easy and cheap from Zagreb. I can't do Budapest :( :( It just is not wise. I'd need two days off for Ljubljana and Zagreb (my plan is to return to Zagreb by Monday morning and go to work, and then take those next two days off). And I just can not think of an excuse not to be at work for another two days just one week later. So for the sake of future travels, I have to say no both to Budapest and Prague :( Also no Bologna for me. It's not even that expensive, but I can't get to Vienna on time on Sunday. So it would be either or. And I prefer calmer Austrian crowd and it'll be much less stress and it's closer and cheaper. Plus YOU are there! :D :D

    1 Mag 9:52 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    Hello :D :D Sorry for being quiet. The last few days were madness regarding Editors, lots of planning to do and lots of money spent haha! Ok so here's the update, before I start replying to your shouts. I got us Zagreb tickets yesterday :) I got them at the venue. Inside by the bar where we went to the toilet if you remember, entrance is from that little cafe :) Love the venue! It was €17, I think these may be the cheapest ones of the tour. I noticed Croatian Eventim also sells Vienna and Ljubljana. So I called the venue in the morning to confirm, they said it's okay. I went there after work in the evening (getting tickets before work yesterday was a nightmare, everything was going wrong haha) and I was like, so can I buy tickets for these two as well, and the guy was like, all three? With eyebrows raised. So when he prepared the paper to print them he repeated, you want all three? :p But then he couldn't get the other two shows to sell them. I think cause it's not Croatian currency.

    1 Mag 9:46 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    How will you be getting back from Budapest? Which connection did you take when you came to Zagreb? Maybe you know of some alternative? The only way I could do it is by taking a direct return train on Wed afternoon. Have to think it through, don't know how smart it is to miss two days off work two weeks in a row :( I was really hoping for an early morning bus/train back on Wed. But not giving up just yet!!

    28 Apr 7:49 Rispondi
  • on_her_horizon

    Just quickly cause I'm neck deep in planning. Can't figure out what to do about Budapest. Can make it there on time but getting back is tricky... I was thinking of doing Budapest - Prague (Tue-Wed). Prague was an awesome venue in 2013, sooo small, loved it there! Different venue this time around, bigger, but the crowd was amazing. But Prague just can't happen. Can't find a way to be back home on Thu by noon to make it to work :( And I can't take three days off. Especially since I'll need Tue and Wed the week earlier for Ljubljana and Zagreb. But I can take an afternoon train to Budapest after work on Mon, spend the night and go to the show on Tue. The problem is that the way back is complicated on Wed. At least two train exchanges (that's an early morning train, but exchange times are short) or even more, with train rides being like 13 hours long?! There's a direct morning bus back, and it seems to be driving on Tue and Thu, but not on Wed?Will stop by at the bus station today to check

    28 Apr 7:45 Rispondi
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"Rushes were made and music was saved.."

Yo. I'm Tia, 22 years old. The concerts I've attended are the best days of my life and the people I met through music are my best friends.

98% of my brain is song lyrics.

For some odd reason, I love to keep track of my milestones.

1th track - Tyrant, OneRepublic
170th track - Say (All I Need), OneRepublic
5000th track - Battlefield, Ryan Tedder
10000th track - Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors, Editors
15000th track - Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking, Snow Patrol
20000th track - You Don't Know Love, Editors
25000th track - Dekk Bord, Kaizers Orchestra
30000th track - An End Has A Start, Editors
35000th track - No Sound But The Wind, Editors
40000th track - Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors, Editors
45000th track - How Things Turn Out To Be, Mew
50000th track - The Good Book, Tired Pony
55000th track - Ready to Start, Arcade Fire
60000th track - Tornado, Jónsi
65000th track - Straight To You, Josh Groban
70000th track - When We Collide, Matt Cardle
75000th track - The Loneliest Star, Thirteen Senses
80000th track - Dust Bowl Dance, Mumford & Sons
85000th track - Waking Up, OneRepublic
90000th track - Svarte Katter & Flosshatter, Kaizers Orchestra
95000th track - Seňor Torpedo, Kaizers Orchestra
100000th track - No Sound But The Wind, Editors
105000th track - Kara Remembers, Bear McCreary
110000th track - Flawed Design, Stabilo
115000th track - Meet You There, Augustana
120000th track - De Involverte, Kaizers Orchestra
125000th track - The Fighter, The Fray
130000th track - Demon Days, The Memory Band
135000th track - Geronimo, Aura Dione
140000th track - Safe & Sound (feat. The Civil Wars), Taylor Swift
145000th track - The Avengers, Alan Silvestri
150000th track - Houdini, Foster the People
155000th track - Scrapbook, The Rocket Summer
160000th track - The Racing Rats, Editors
165000th track - The Fighter (feat. Ryan Tedder), Gym Class Heroes
170000th track - If You Could See Me Now, The Script
175000th track - Panic Station, Muse
180000th track - Peter (alt. takes #2) live, Nils Frahm
185000th track - Fire Fire, Flyleaf
190000th track - Ambre, Nils Frahm
195000th track - No Rest, Dry the River
200000th track - Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree, James Vincent McMorrow
205000th track - You're the Voice, John Farnham
210000th track - Hopeless Wanderer, Mumford&Sons
215000th track - Heart Attack, Demi Lovato
220000th track - Love Like This, Kodaline
225000th track - Fitzpleasure, alt-J
230000th track - The Phone Book, Editors
235000th track - Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes, Fall Out Boy
240000th track - The (Shipped) Gold Standard, Fall Out Boy
245000th track - Love Me Again, John Newman
250000th track - Formaldehyde, Editors
255000th track - Odds Are, Barenaked Ladies
260000th track - Gold Dust, John Newman
265000th track - Goodnight Goodbye, John Newman
270000th track - Wings, Birdy
275000th track - The Take Over The Breaks Over, Fall Out Boy
280000th track - Thriller, Fall Out Boy
285000th track - Golden, Fall Out Boy
290000th track - Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes, Fall Out Boy
295000th track - Romantic Flight, John Powell
300000th track - Below My Feet, Mumford & Sons
305000th track - Nothing Stays the Same, Luke Sital-Singh
310000th track - We Come Running, Youngblood Hawke
315000th track - Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Scott Bradlee

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