• 20 000th scrobbled track

    Lug 24 2010, 15:17

  • Inverse Buggles

    Dic 23 2008, 8:10

    I used to like Rölli. Not love him, but somehow like him. For those of you that don't know who he is, he's a troll character appearing in popular Finnish children's shows and was recently made into a cartoon feature film that has almost nothing to do with the original. Has a lot of good original songs, so why not.

    But, recently as my kids have been listening a lot to Nappularadio, which is a Finnish commercial FM and Internet radio for kids. And practically half of the songs they play are Rölli. Now I am totally sick of him, don't want to hear any songs by him or see him on TV. So this occurred to me: OMG, they just pulled an inverse Buggles: Radio killed the video star.
  • Songs saying the opposite

    Dic 4 2008, 5:59

  • My bailout plan for the lulz

    Nov 27 2008, 7:15

    Once, the Internet was a serious place. Then someone thought: "Wouldn't it be nice if we could express emotions in this cold world of written text?" So they realised, if you write a colon followed by a parenthesis, the reader wil see a smile when tilting their head 90 degrees and know the sender wrote it with a smile on their face. This was fine, and smileys prevailed.

    But then someone else said: "What about the really funny stuff, the things that made you laugh out loud?" So they decided they could write "LOL" whenever that happened. This was also fine. For a while. But then the LOLs would become so common that their power was reduced to that of a humble punctuation cluster known as a smiley. So the Internet people needed stronger stuff, and things would get really out of hand. People would ROFL or, God forbid, PMSL about anything even remotely funny. Honestly, I've chatted with a lady who apparently wet herself writing each and every sentence.

    Now do a simple exercise. When you see someone use these acronyms, visualise them doing exactly what the acronym stands for. You'll notice how ridiculous this is. Ridiculous in a way that won't make you LOL. Next step: become aware of these acronyms and use only ones that accurately describe your feelings. Smileys are fine. Use them when you're smiling. LOL when something really made you laugh out loud. Try not to ROFLMAO too often as you might hurt yourself while falling off the chair. And after you've climbed back up, you might instead take the time to write properly: "I am wracked with such hearty guffaws that in addition to rolling to and fro on the floor, my posterior has separated itself from my body."
  • Wednesday morning grab bag

    Mag 28 2008, 5:00

    Yesterday I managed to deal with my podcast backlog (why do they all have to update at the same time?) so I needed something to listen on the way to work. My music listening is going through a slow period right now. The only good chance to listen to anything is when I bicycle to work, at I usually do podcasts then. Worktime is usually out of the question, as I sit in the customer premises again and need to lend my ears to all the information that is being passed around. (I remember blogging about this before).

    Anyway, I just let iTunes create a bicycle trip's worth of playlist regardless of their rating and sync it to my MP3 player without looking at what I had.

    Here's what I got by the time I was in office:

    California Dreaming - what a better way to kick off a summer day?
    Taina - I seem to always get this when I do a shuffle. But I don't mind. It's one of their best. I wish I could perform this sometimes. Essentially, it is a serenade for some girl called Taina. There's aren't too many of such, so there isn't likely to be a chance...
    Blee Blop Blues - I don't remember when I last listened to this. Nothing else special to say about it. Basic jazzy thingy.
    Living in the Past - ditto, I don't remember listening to this. But Jethro Tull always kicks ass, and somehow I forget about it. Gotta love the flute work.
    Tour de France Etape 2 - this starts to play as I pedal away from the traffic lights. How convenient!
    Kuorolaulua - nice slow ballad, but no good for keeping up the pace after the previous track
    Bicycle Race - already the second themed song, what the heck is going on?
    Wicked World - instrumental, doesn't really say anything to me
    Alkuvoimaa - featuring a and a . I began to wonder how hard is it really to play the didgeridoo? I mean I guess you don't absolutely have to circular breathe, even though that's the "real" way...
    Bonnie & Clyde - this used to be among my favourite tracks, but it's appeal is starting to fade...
    Don't - Elvis is great, but this is not a particular favourite
    c/o - third Semmarit-song in this set, which is no wonder, as I have almost all their CDs in my iTunes library. Clever lyrics comparing a heart to a rental flat.
  • Unohtelevaiset sanoittajat

    Mar 26 2008, 6:21

    Kirjoitanpa vaihteeksi suomenkielisen blogikirjoituksen. Tämä on nimittäin jotakin, mikä katoaa joka tapauksessa käännöksessä.

    Oletteko koskaan huomanneet, miten sanoittaja tuntuu pari säkeistöä kirjoitettuaan unohtaneen, mitä tulikaan ensimmäiseen säkeistöön laitettua?

    Yksi esimerkki tästä on I'll Be There For You. Ensimmäisessä säkeistössä sanotaan: So no one told you life was gonna be this way Mutta heti toisessa sanoittaja toteaakin: Your mother warned you there'd be days like these

    Jopa kunnianarvoisa herra Trad on mennyt samaan vipuun sanoittaessaan "Suutarin emännän kehtolaulua". Alussahan lauletaan, että Keitä te ootte te nuoret pojat, kun en mä tunne teitä? mutta myöhemmässä säkeistössä taas, että Hyvästi, hyvästi, hyvästi, viekää Miinalle terveisiä! Jos kerran laulaja ei tunne tulijoita, niin miten hän voi lähettää heidän kauttaan terveisiä?

    Muitakin tämmöisiä on, mutta eipä nyt tule enempää mieleen. Jälkimmäisestä biisistä muuten kannattaa kuunnella tämä versio: Suutarin Emännän Kehtolaulu - Viva Saappaatta (Sin Zapatos)
  • They Might Be Neighbours

    Feb 28 2008, 7:42

    I went browsing through my neighbourhood, in a hunt for someone who doesn't listen to They Might Be Giants. I found none. In fact, I think womble_timsk was the only one who doesn't have the Johns as their top artist. Scary.
  • I haz streamable music

    Feb 5 2008, 10:01

    I manage to salvage some of my earlier works I thought I'd lost completely (thanks to archive.org and luckily it occured to me to search there). I decided to put these back to the public domain via last.fm. They can be found in the online album "SLO's SID covertunes". I plan to make streamable files out of my more recent SIDs that are included in the HVSID collection. Of course I'd be quite happy if someone would record them on a real 6581, but I'll settle for emulated sounds, too (anyway, I made them on an emulator).
  • 10 000 tracks - so f-ing what?

    Gen 28 2008, 9:03

    It seems customary to post an entry when you pass a certain "milestone" in scrobbling. I just realised I had gone above 10 000 tracks listened (or rather, scrobbled).

    I have no idea what was my 10 000th scrobbled track. I didn't remember to watch it coming, so I haven't made a note of it. Another reason is it that at the moment very little of my scrobbling represent what I actually listen. Currently, the only scrobbling players in use are my iTunes and Front Row on my Mac at home. Those are mainly being used to listen to my daughter's (2 years) favourite music. Otherwise, I don't have much chances to listen to any music. Mostly, I only listen to music when I'm on the move, using my portable MP3 player or my E50 smartphone. (Predominantly the latter, as it has 2 GB of storage compared to the 64 MB of my low-end MP3 player, and it's much more convenient that I can just bluetooth stuff over to my phone). I just joined a new project, so I can't really listen to music during work time. Not that there was anything against it, but I just want to keep my ears for any piece of new information that I don't want to miss..

    So, following that conclusion, my profile is starting to reflect the tastes of my daughter rather than mine. Soili Perkiö's "Vauvan vaaka" CD has been in power play recently, putting her in position 17 in my top artist. She just passed Cake and Metsatöll :) Similarly, on the top track list, Hiiri Mittaa Maailmaa and Metrolla Mummolaan have caught up with such great songs as Dinner Bell, Lauri, Ace of Spades, Pinball Wizard just to name a few favourites...

    Oh well, there's a time for everything. To summarise: If you want to get rid of a great amount of music listening habits, get a job and a family.
  • Steve has me (part N+1)

    Dic 12 2007, 7:58

    The most part of my home scrobbling will start coming from iTunes again. The real thing, so to say, as it is running on a Mac Mini. Yep, I got some cash for my graduation and I invested it in a new computer, which needed to have a picture of a fruit on it.

    As I was trying to build a home network, I had to change some network settings on my old PC running Windows XP, at which point it instead that the PC needs to be rebooted. After rebooting, Windows noted that the hardware had changed "notably" and Windows needed to be reactivated. I had unplugged the mouse (to use in on the Mac) and changed my flat panel display from DVI to VGA port (as the Mac in using the DVI input now). What a nice reminder about why I am eloping to Apple. Hasta la Vista, Bill! Hello, Steve!

    (I am still not getting an iPod, though)