OMG Knockout Challenge - Guidelines for guest kickers.


Giu 13 2010, 23:19

Firstly, thanks for agreeing to be a guest kicker for the Knockout Challenge. As you were an experienced OMG player, this post is just to explain what is different about this format of the game, and how to present your round. The rules for the knockout challenge are here, and you may also want to have a look at the latest kicking guidelines before starting - these now clarify what is and isn't a correct kick for artist collaborations. Also note that if you haven't played the game for a while, the non-Roman rule was scrapped recently. In the knockout challenge, you should only kick for artists you know and the three day rule.

You will be given a list of 4 pairs of members (maybe just 2 or 1 if you get the semi-finals or final) in the format...player1 v player2
player3 v player4
player5 v player6
player7 v player8.
When you decide to do your round, open the user page for each player (note that the eligible players were those who were members at the time of the first round of the season. Some may have been kicked and not returned yet so will not be on the member page. You can find these using the "find people" link at the bottom of most pages (first link under "Join In".)), and click on the "see more" link below their list of recently listened tracks. For each player, write down their last 10 different artists and mark beside them which you can kick, then write the total number of kicks at the bottom. Do the same for the second player then mark the one with least kicks as the winner. Repeat for the other 3 matches...Player1 v Player2

artist4 - KICK
artist10 - KICK (3 day rule)

Total - 2 kicks.


Total - 0 kicks. - Player2 wins.
If two players are tied, then you need to do a tie-break. Look at the next (11th) artist back and compare these for kicks. eg...Tie-Break
artist11 (of Player1) - SURVIVE
artist11 (of Player2) - KICK

Player1 wins.
If they both survive, or are both kicks then switch into the artist page for each and compare the listener counts. Lowest wins...

artist11 (of Player1) - SURVIVE - 1162 listeners.
artist11 (of Player2) - SURVIVE - 749 listeners.

Player2 wins.
In the unlikely event that both artists have the same number of listeners, compare the number of plays. Lowest wins again...artist11 (of Player1) - SURVIVE - 75 listeners, 141 plays.
artist11 (of Player2) - SURVIVE - 75 listeners, 160 plays.

Player1 wins.
In the even more unlikely event they are still the same, repeat for the 12th artist and so on until a winner is determined.

Any questions, just ask.
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