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Lug 19 2006, 0:31

So anyway, I hadn't made use of this journal feature so I figured a good topic to start would be my favorite music tools.

Best Music manager/player, Mediamonkey. I've been using mediamonkey for about 9 months or so now. While name may seem silly, the features and usefullness of this app is pretty much unsurpassed.

MM supports many winamp 2.x plugins, input/output/vis and general plugins. Unfortunately medialibrary plugins typically won't work. However, with vbscripting support, a whole slew of features can be added to customize it beyond the default featureset to the limits of the scripters imagination.

One such script, which coincedently is related to ScrobblerDJ a script by Psyxonova, combines the power of Last.FM with the scripting capabilities of MM, and your entire library of tracks to enqueue tracks to your playlist based on related/recommended tracks/artists that exist within your library.

Basically ya start with a single track, or as the last track plays in your current playlist, scrobblerdj will connect to and retrieve a list of related music, checks it against the tracks in your library (with a variety of options/restrictions) and enqueue's a related track or a track from a user specified default playlist if no available tracks are found.

And so begins the process, scrobblerdj will automagically enqueue a new track whenever the last track of the playlist starts, constantly adding a new track somehow related to the previous. A magical musical journey throughout your library, hopefully giving you the best of favorite songs and tracks you havent heard in a while or didn't even knew you had.

Over the last few months, scrobblerDJ has been the source of a majority of my musical playlist and an absolute beautiful addition to MediaMonkey.

Psyxonova has posted he is in the middle of re-writing the script from the ground up to streamline and extend the script with even better functionality, personally I extremely excited about the future version.

Aside from scrobblerdj, there are many other awesome scripts available in the scripting forums, a couple highlights are Trixmoto's wonderful google art finder and batch art finder scripts. These scripts can help you find missing album art via google image search and automagically add it to your MM library and mp3 files.

Another great script is Diddeleedoo's Auto-rate script. This script will automatically increase or decrease the rating of your tracks as they get played or skipped.. more plays within a user specified range will increase the rating, skipped files will lower rating.

Used in conjunction with scrobblerdj, you can skip passed songs you dont like and if it makes the track fall under your scrobblerdj settings, it wont get played again and conversely songs which get played by scrobbler dj will slowly increase in rating (dependent on how often etc).

to be continued....


  • Kupo03

    I <3 MediaMonkey.

    Ago 25 2006, 23:20
  • Bernoulli

    sounds cool.

    Mar 1 2007, 8:53
  • teknojnky

    Amarok is pretty slick. However its for linux, and Mediamonkey is for windows. The forthcoming MM 3.x promises to be a huge improvement in the album art centric view along with a host of new scripting capabilities.

    Giu 28 2007, 20:07
  • JCFantasy23

    MediaMonkey is great. I'm hoping with the MM3 I'll be able to use scripts everyone else gets to, though. Such as Scrobbler, MonkeyRox, etc.

    Ago 25 2007, 19:03
  • maldidoGringo

    I finally got MM communicating with Last.Fm, now it's great while I'm listening my very own selection of music I can share infos with friends and other people, still I have no clue in how to get my entire library being dumed at lastFM, and even if I am alowed to do such. In the last 2 years I 'scrobbled' my entire music library in order to select / organize the songs I really like from each artist. -Need less to say MM has been essential to souch task. For VBS you mean visual basic script? That would be intresting as well to develope some script...

    Set 23 2008, 18:51
  • Scorpillon

    MM ist best I ever had. A library with more than 17.000 songs to handle, is a hard thing to do. And MM is the only one to use mostly with the keybord, to organize, listen, file handling, covers and lyris. Even a lot of reports (customized too) can be done by MM. So I can hand over easily complete list of songs onto my web site for my friends (hiden site, don't search :-( ). Of course, you've got to use some plugins like: Monkey Rock Lyricator Advanced Report Batch Art Finder Custom Report Duplicate Report Last.FM DJ Last.FM Scrobler Missing Lyrics Just Google for them, and be lucky

    Gen 10 2009, 21:30
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