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Ago 8 2010, 3:11

Put Your iPod on shuffle and write the song title to complete the sentence.

My name is: The Trumpet In My Head
I: Fall From Grace
I love: Your Song
I hate: Let's Get Radical
I care about: Noah's Dove
He/She: Asteroid
My Favorite Show Is: Powersurge
My Favorite Book is: Broken Drum
My Favorite Drink Is: Catholic Girls

How Was Your...
Day: Beautiful
Night: Think For Myself
Breakfast: Arithmatik
Lunch: Julia
Dinner: Square
Year: With You
Last Christmas: Hard To Handle
Last Car: All Right Of You Guys

Describe Your...
House: Without You
Room: I'm Not Your Toy
Current Outfit: The Slow Song
Appearance: Spanish Bombs
Hair: Abra Cadaver
Nails: Good Night and Good Luck
Eyes: Spineless
Best Friend:Won't Back Down
Mom: My Adidas
Sister: Mary Jo I Wish I Never Fell In Love With You
Brother:Round & Round
Dad:Last Dance With Mary Jane
Grandparents: Remade Horizon
Kitchen:Drunken Butterfly
Current Jewelry: The Dandy Warhols Love Almost Everyone
Future Death: Up Front
Instant Messenger Screen Name: Fear of the Dark
Current Bra/Undies: White Minority
Purse/Wallet: My Favourite Game
Current Perfume:Black Metal
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Story of My Life
Kisses:I Might Be Wrong
Hugs: Rock N Roll Doctor

Where Are You?Little Lost Girls
What Are You Watching? Ænema
Who Do You Love? Changes
Why Are You Still Alive? Midnight Rider
What Color Is Your Hair? I Want to Dance with Somebody
What Color Are Your Eyes? Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
Do You believe in the Easter Bunny? Absolutely Zero
How Much Money Do You Have? Pure Morning
How Many Friends Do You Have? Come as You Are
How Old Are You? Battles in the North
Are You Currently Wearing Socks?Stay Away
When Was the Last Time You Saw Your Dad? This Is Our Emergency
Have You ever Kissed Someone Of the Same Sex? Dance
Have You Ever Watched the Sun Set? Drunk Again
Do You Like Orange Juice?Paradise By The Dashboard Lights
What Color Is Your Room? Laffin' All the Way... to the Bank!
How Many Boyfriends/Girlfriends Have You Had This Year? Conspriacy
Why Are You Taking This Survey? Sleep
Where Is Your Cell Phone? Lady Killer
Do You Even Have a Cell Phone? Blackmail
When Was The Last Time It Snowed? Untitled
Is It Cloudy Outside?Queen
Do You Wear Glasses? Stillness Is the Move
When Was The Last Time You Took A Shower?Boyfriend

Do You Feel...
Happy?Electric Feel
Concerned?Landmine Spring
Mad? Something Wild
Content? Move On



  • alfie_1991

    I would do one of these but tagging the songs takes too long!!

    Ott 12 2011, 22:13
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