The end of freedb...


Lug 2 2006, 4:45

It looks like freedb is closing down, due to a dispute between developers. Pretty sad when that happens...

Anyone know of another good resource for CD track information? I have pretty much relied on freedb for the last few years.


  • Daedalus- I use it for all of my music and swear by it. It's great, download Musicbrainz Tagger. If you have trouble with it (quite a few people seem to...) I'll show you how to use it :P

    Lug 12 2006, 10:38
  • tdmalone

    I just checked freedb again, and it seems like it will keep running under new management, if they can find the right people. But MusicBrainz does look quite good. I think I'll give it a try :)

    Lug 12 2006, 23:33
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