VYP: Voice of the Young People


Apr 13 2008, 1:31

Lil Mama's debut album is going to be titled VYP: Voice of the Young People. Just recently, the tracklisting has been confirmed. All of the singles are going to be on it as well as many new ones. Even a bonus track! So enjoy! I also thre in the cover which most of you should probably know what it looks like.

1. Intro
2. Lip Gloss
3. One Hit Wonder (Feat. DJ Khaled)
4. Get Loose Request
5. Shawty Get Loose (Feat. Chris Brown And T-Pain)
6. What It Is (Strike a Pose) (Feat. T-Pain)
7. G-Slide (Tour Bus)
8. Gotta Go
9. Stand Up
10. L.I.F.E.
11. College (Feat. Yirayah)
12. Emotional Rollercoasters
13. Broken Pieces
14. Swim
15. Truly in Love (feat. Peter Toh)
16. Look At My Life
17. Make It Hot
18. Pick It Up
19. Stuck on Y.O.U.
And as a bonus track, some editions will have....
20. Girlfriend (Dr. Luke Remix) (feat. Lil Mama)


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