LastFmLib is out, now scrobbling works!


Mag 18 2008, 11:33

the new version of LastFmLib.Net contains the following changes:
* Scrobbler is now tested so far, function is confirmed for Source=L(Software)
* Put an IClonable into Track, TrackInfo and MetaData
- Fixed Scrobbler handshake, now REALLY works(some source code line was missing) *ooops*
- Added ToXMLElement() to Station class
- Now LastFmClient class checks if the user is tuned in before getting the playlist

In ScrobblerCache:
- Changed ScrobblerCache the way that data are saved to an XmlDocument object by default,
which can be gotten by the xmldoc property
- ScrobbleCache is 100% compatible to's client caches, but the submissions also contain an
attribute containing the username(thought that was useful)
- now got an AutoSave-property which makes it automatically writing the cache to the path in SavePath
property if set to true
- write method now contains optional autoWrite parameter, which automatically saves the cache to disk
- concated AutoSave property and autoWrite param with "or" so contents are written if one of these is
set to true
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