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Brano Durata
1 DystopiaHands That Mold 6:12
2 DirtSeal Cull Loved track 2:01
3 Black FlagWhat I See Loved track 1:55
4 The CrucifucksBy The Door Loved track 2:45
5 Ghost MiceThe Devil and My Family Loved track 2:02
6 BlatzFuk Ny Loved track 1:52
7 Jeffrey LewisYou Don't Have to Be a Scientist to Do Experiments on Your Own Heart Loved track 3:12
8 Poison GirlsCupid Loved track 3:44
9 The VarukersGovernment's to Blame Loved track 3:11
10 Kimya DawsonI Like Giants Loved track 2:38
11 Evan GreerHey Dad, I'm an Anarchist download gratuito Loved track 2:28
12 Fake ProblemsSorry OK Sorry OK Sorry download gratuito Loved track 1:57
13 Paul BaribeauHelp a Kid Out Loved track 1:38
14 Kimya Dawson & Jeffrey LewisKlutter Loved track 3:31
15 Antsy PantsBig City Loved track 1:36
16 I object!The Reals Loved track 1:16
17 Phoebe KreutzThe Ballad of Throat Culture Loved track 5:30
18 Superman Revenge SquadIdiot Food download gratuito Loved track 2:35
19 The Max Levine EnsembleOne Click download gratuito Loved track 1:10
20 The Casual Terroristif you want peace Loved track 5:08
21 Wingnut Dishwashers UnionUrine Speaks Louder Than Words Loved track 1:58
22 Huggy BearI'ma Just A Rolling Stone Loved track 3:38
23 The Casual TerroristToddlers Wearing Grown Up Clothes download gratuito Loved track 4:13
24 PBnJ BandCrunchy download gratuito Loved track 2:09
25 One Night Stand in North Dakota"Either he's dead or my watch has stopped" 4:14


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