• AMT 2008.07.31

    Ago 3 2008, 11:38

    Thu 31 Jul – Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno
    an amazing couple of hours of extremely heavy psych, space- and krautrock in one of the smallest venues i have ever been; it felt like the sort of acid-drenched party i used to go to when i was a teenager with raging music to deafen the deaf, strobe lights, lasers and smoke that seemed excessive in a room where the band were trying not to fall on top of you. a roland that sounded like it was off some demented Hawkwind track, that took you higher each time you thought you had peaked and two drummers beating a jungle beat that broke down to a freakout and back to a pounding tribal rhythm whirling you along like a dervish touching ecstasy. and passages of pastoral whimsy; freeform musique concrete, the works. AMT are playing Madame Jojo's in about ten days: tune in, turn on, drop out