My favorite rock vocalists


Set 10 2007, 23:39

Here's my ten favorite rock vocalists. I'm sure the list will morph over time as I remember singers I've missed. But as of now, here it is:

1) Geoff Tate - Queensrÿche (Breaking the Silence)
2) Maynard James Keenan - Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer (Stinkfist)
3) Ronnie James Dio - Dio, Black Sabbath, Rainbow (Rainbow in the Dark)
4) Layne Staley - Alice in Chains (Man in the Box)
5) Ian Astbury - The Cult (Fire Woman)
6) Steven Tyler - Aerosmith (Dream On)
7) Rob Halford - Judas Priest, Halford (Breaking the Law)
8) Bruce Dickenson - Iron Maiden (Run to the Hills)
9) Sebastian Bach - Skid Row (Quicksand Jesus)
10) Jeff Keith - Tesla (Modern Day Cowboy)


  • muzll0dr

    Does rock have vocalists?? I just thought they had screamers... Just kidding. :)

    Set 11 2007, 20:12
  • talonkrass

    True, there's a lot of screamers, shrillers, and growlers out there. However, each of these guys can actually carry a tune.

    Set 11 2007, 20:48
  • talonkrass

    I just added links to some sample songs. Unfortunately, some of the songs are the live versions, and in each case, the recorded version is better.

    Set 13 2007, 15:18
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