new Hoarse releases Dotåbåtå 3", Orgasm Denial 3"


Apr 25 2009, 0:42


HOA-014: Dotåbåtå - Undergrowth I (3", ltd. 30)

(better pic soon)

“[The […] boom came towards us, deadened by the mist, and heavily rolled away along the low grounds by the river […]” – Undergrowth I collapse into a single image. The first in a series (spread the good news; More is to come!), this disc is the latest document in Dotåbåtå’s steady and fascinating climb towards the perfection of, well, Dotåbåtå. Stripped of all things digital (and recorded directly to cheap two track 1/4” tape), Undergrowth I combines the transparency of analog sound with the density and weight so distinctly Dotåbåtå – wonderful, admirable, unavoidable. Through gradually building drones and occasional eruptions, the piece crawls from an almost soothing lightness to a severe, sharp atonality, crashing into us, crushing us - but we embrace it.

Edition of 30; white 3” discs in mini DVD-cases with leaf-paper for covers and a small envelope with a picture and insert. Looks and sounds absolutely lovely – easily one of the finest things to’ve come out on Hoarse yet.

HOA-015: Orgasm Denial - Just Like Honey (3", ltd. 20)

Orgasm Denial has been praised by critics and fellow musicians alike as one of the top singers of his generation. Since the very beginning of his career, Orgasm Denial has been one of the favorites to lead the new generation of Cantopop. He has been described as a breath of fresh air in the HK music scene. Over the last ten years, Orgasm Denial emerged as the leading male singer of his generation, fulfilling his role as an innovator and a leader in the HK music scene, winning prestigious awards one after another. Orgasm Denial has also been successful in his work in the Mandopop scene. He has won numerous awards in both Mainland and Taiwan, most notably Taiwan's Golden Melody Award.

Edition of 20; white 3” discs in Yellow Trash Bazooka style sleeves.

As usual, two discs for Dutch people €8, two discs for rest of world from now on only €9. One disc €5 / €5,50. Get 'em while they're hot. Discs will be sent out from next week onward. I'm afraid I have no more back catalogue discs but I'm not 100% sure.

Stay tuned for more lovely musics on Hoarse: The Shock Technician 3", Boar / Zebra Mu split 3", Fuck, The Retarded Girl <3 AxemRangers 3", AxemRangers / ? split 3", Andreas Brandal 3", a new Ikodora '65 full length, Granuloma Inguinale side project 3", horsing floppy disk, and much, much more!

Current discography:

HOA-001: horsing - Changzheng (CDr, ltd. 15, OOP)
HOA-002: Canada Offers Its Lakes To The Gods - Ciném Nieuw Lin Fa (CDr, ltd. 5, OOP)
HOA-003: Torturing Nurse - As a Raven (3", ltd. 20, OOP)
HOA-004: Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Abuse (3", ltd. 20, OOP)
HOA-005: AxemRangers - A Crack in the Concrete (3", ltd. 20, OOP)
HOA-006: Dotåbåtå - Failed Forestry (3", ltd. 20, OOP)
HOA-007: horsing - GHOSTS (bizcard, ltd. 8, OOP)
HOA-008: Ikodora '65 - Tappi Auricolari (3", ltd. 15, OOP)
HOA-009: horsing - The Isseido / Evre Blak (3", ltd. 15, OOP)
HOA-010: Reaching. – Untitled (3”, ltd. 13, OOP)
HOA-011: Smetnja – Neurotic (3", ltd. 20, OOP)
HOA-012: Reaching. - Blood Is Art (5", ltd. 23, OOP)
HOA-013: horsing/Ikodora '65 - Stamp Collector/Body Collector (3", ltd. 20, OOP)
HOA-014: Dotåbåtå - Undergrowth I (3", ltd. 30)
HOA-015: Orgasm Denial - Just Like Honey (3", ltd. 20)


LHD The Cherry Point Merzbow Reaching. MSBR C.C.C.C. Wolverine Carcass In Cat Hat Pants Incapacitants The Rita male rape group Napalmed Prurient Wolf Eyes Muslimgauze Sewer Election Kazumoto Endo The Gerogerigegege Hanatarash Boredoms METEK Fecalove Con-Dom Consumer Electronics Whitehouse Bastard Noise


  • AppleKabukiSuri

    Looking forward to hearing more The Shock Technician; he will be releasing a tape by myself and Orgasm Denial soon. Gosh noise is incestuous.

    Apr 25 2009, 0:55
  • surgeofevan

    yo sven can I trade you some stuff for those two discs?! I just finished up a one of a kind CS that I don't even have dubbed to my computer can I trade it to you for one/both?

    Apr 25 2009, 0:56
  • sxesven

    yes noise makes me feel dirty on so many levels =( shock technician's disc is great though, can't wait to hear megavolt myself, haha! also can't wait to see and hear the split w/ orgasm denial, daniel's art is always so great. evan, trade with you is always good. sending your split with wolverine carcass (the cdr) is also good btw, don't have that yet. just pm or shout to work it out!

    Apr 25 2009, 1:02
  • AxemRangers

    put aside one of each from me I'll pay soon has the tape I sent you shown up yet?

    Apr 25 2009, 2:36
  • ArcH13

    Awesome writeup again, thankS! Looking forward to: The Shock Technician 3", Boar / Zebra Mu split 3", Fuck, The Retarded Girl <3 AxemRangers 3", AxemRangers / ? split 3", a new Ikodora '65 full length, ", horsing floppy disk I've got a split with Zebra Mu, and Ultra9000(featuring The Shock Technician) comming up... heh.

    Apr 25 2009, 7:07
  • logbut

    I want one of each! hold them for me dammit!! please?

    Apr 27 2009, 0:34
  • logbut

    if you still have them i mean.

    Apr 27 2009, 0:46
  • sxesven

    definitely, fortunately it's good stuff logan: of course np!

    Apr 27 2009, 19:24
  • logbut

    consider yourself paypalled

    Apr 27 2009, 22:15
  • sxesven

    received, good sir - thanks heaps! will mail out asap!

    Apr 27 2009, 22:34
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