My favorite albums of 2005 (part 1)


Dic 11 2005, 0:12

The year is pretty much over so let's look back and see what albums really left an impression this year. These won't all be albums from 2005 because there's some rediscovered stuff as well.

I think I'll do this alphabetically...

One Day Remains
Apparently Alter Bridge are some reincarnation of Creed. Funny, I never heard a single song of Creed before hearing this album, therefor I was pretty unbiased when I first listened to it. And apart from the album opener which was a somewhat weak song (Find The Real), I instantly loved it. Nothing really fancy, just good rock music like it should be. Album highlights would be 'One Day Remains', 'Metalingus' and 'Broken Wings'.

The War Of Art
Not sure how I came across this American Head Charge album as I had never heard of the band. But upon listening I liked the refreshing combination between metal/hardcore elements and electronic effects. Not full of brilliant songs, but it's a good listen every once in a while. Album highlights: 'Shutdown' and 'Just So You Know'.

Waking The Fallen
I've had this album since mid-2004 but I never got into it much, apart from the songs 'Chapter Four' and 'I Won't See You Tonight (Part 1)'. Somewhere this year it started growing on me. The riffs and drumming are the strong points of Avenged Sevenfold. The screaming fits quite well at some points too. Album highlights here are (besides the aforementioned songs) 'Unholy Confessions', 'Eternal Rest' and 'All Things Will End'.
Then apparently the singer had throat surgery and couldn't scream anymore. The result was City of Evil. I still don't like the nasal sound of the vocals, but again the riffs, solos and drums save this album. Not on all songs (Waking The Fallen is still the better album for me) but on most. Album highlights are 'Burn It Down', 'Sidewinder' and 'Strength Of The World'.

Failure On
Beloved combine hardcore and melody really well on this album. Exactly the reason they're in my list. Album favorites are 'Failure On My Lips' and 'Rise And Fall'.

Corporate America
Boston are an awesome band. They don't release a lot of material but what they do release never is a let-down. This is the kind of classic rock I'll never grow tired of. Yes this album is from several years ago, but I've really come to appreciate it this year. Album highlights: everything!

Metropolis Pt. II: Scenes From A Memory
My brother gave me the Scenes From New York live DVD of Dream Theater for my birthday in October 2004. I've really come to appreciate it later on. The skilledness of these musicians is enormous. The DVD is a treat for the eyes and the CD is a treat for the ears. I've got more Dream Theater albums but I haven't checked those out as thoroughly as this one. Favorite songs on this one are pretty much all songs (since they tell one story) but 'Home' and 'The Spirit Carries On' deserve a special mention.

Gary Hoey - Best Of Gary Hoey
My brother gave me this CD with the comment I could learn a thing or two from this guy. I think my brother is wrong: there's dozens of stuff I could learn from him. This is an excellent guitar player and on this Best Of... album all sorts of styles are present. Rock, surf, blues, ballads, etc. A great album. Favs: 'Desire', 'Peace Pipe' and 'The Deep'.

I Am Hollywood
Don't remember when I was introduced to He Is Legend, but I'm glad I was at some point. Again, some kind of hardcore blended in with nice melodies (like Beloved). I really like how it's done on this album. Not every track is the greatest, but those that stand out really do shine. 'The Seduction', 'Do You Think I'm Pretty' and 'Dinner With A Gypsy' are such gems.

Hmm, it's past 1 AM now. I'll finish this later this week. Albums from the following artists will be discussed in part 2 of this entry: Megadeth, Nightwish, Reuben, Rush, Swervedriver, The Shizit and Trivium. G'night for now. =)


  • dutchsam

    Deffinately agree with dreamtheater there the whole album is amazing probaly the best dream theater album apart from six degrees of inner turbulance.

    Dic 11 2005, 0:31
  • LilTheater

    [i]Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From a Memory[/i] is an excellent album. I like [i]'Home'[/i] and [i]'Overture 1928'[/i] best myself. I love [i]One Day Remains[/i], it's a fantastic record. I'd have to disagree about [i]'Find The Real'[/i], that track is superb!

    Dic 11 2005, 0:52
  • feeder

    As above, I think that [i]One Day Remains[/i] is one of those very rare albums that doesn't have a single weak track...

    Dic 11 2005, 1:26
  • swervedriver

    'Find The Real' isn't a bad song but in my opinion it's the single weakER track on there. It just doesn't work as the album opener; the title track would've been way better for that because that one really packs a punch and leaves you like I dunno wtf that was but I wanna hear more! =)

    Dic 11 2005, 12:48
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