Once Upon a Time. Life on my I-pod's shuffle play button.


Nov 3 2009, 22:16

Opening credits: I'm Ready

Waking up: Rock with You

An ordinary day: Don't Forget To Write

Hanging out with friends: [track artist =Fall Out Boy]I Don't Care[/track]

A crush: Dancing With Myself

First date: Cute

First kiss: Gotta Be Somebody

Falling in love: You Found Me

Misunderstanding: Empty Like The Ocean

Fight scene: Goodbye to You

Breaking up: West Coast

Deep thought: Party In Your Bedroom

Life's okay: Princess

Phone call at night: Earthquake

Mental breakdown: Stand and Deliver

Driving: Back in Your Head

Learning a lesson: A Thousand Winters Melting

Flashback: For Always, Forever

Secret love: Come One, Come All

Partying: I'm in Miami Bitch

Everybody dance now: Catch My Disease

Flirting: David Archuleta - Friday I'll Be Over U

Sex scene: Vulnerable

Regretting: Alone In This Bed

Snow falling: One Step at a Time

Long night alone: My Only Offer

An accident: Sticks and Stones

Thinking of home: Roller Coaster

Reaching the final battle: Weight Of The World

Final battle (part 1): Kissing You In The Driveway

Final battle (part 2): One Foot Boy

Final words: I'm Not Missing You

Death scene: I Can't Make You Love Me

Funeral song: All The Things She Said

End credits: They Don't Care About Us


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