• lbf

    nice. i hope you enjoyed putting all this together; i don't do it much any more, because i don't enjoy it. it sounds weird to me, and i feel like i'm just as obsessed with music as i used to be, but i don't have the rage any more, or the patience (or the time, i guess). i'm gonna propose that it's possible to listen to BoC and not feel anything, because most of it is too subtle and too weird. not for me, but people who haven't had an electronic-music epiphany won't try it twice. definite agreement about everything you say about the rilo kiley album. i take it to be a tremendous kick in the balls. have you tried listening to the icelandic version of [i]finally we are no one[/i]? i only just got into the go find and hot chip recently; the new record by the go find is very, very good, and it's my soundtrack for the summer; miami sounded good but i haven't given it enoug hattention yet. the title track on [i]the warning[/i] is what got me to understand what a great band that was, and not just a pitchfork hard-on. curiously i hadn't had that from other songs on the record, but they're growing on me. i can't imagine getting it on listening to [i]give up[/i]. i wouldn't be making love to the record, i'd be making love [i]to the record[/i]. not that it sounds like such a terrible idea. i reject your lumping the notwist and styrofoam together in the same sentence, because the former are much, much, MUCH better at what they do than the latter at what he does, no matter how many ben gibbard/andrew kenny cameos you throw in. oh, i notice the absence of any Lali Puna records in there. what gives? oh well. there goes my agrument for not having the time nor patience to dissect music.

    Giu 9 2007, 11:41
  • ffxr

    thanks for taking the time out to write such complete and well worded reviews of your favourite albums... ll certainly be checking a few out.

    Lug 12 2007, 4:44
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