• Portugal. The Man was great!

    Set 27 2009, 20:59

    Sat 26 Sep – Portugal. The Man

    Moostache was very forgettable to me other than their name, Robert Francis I just wouldn't listen to at home, and Drug Rug has great musicians but the vocals are really grating and I couldn't get into it.

    Portugal. The Man was great, they played some of my favourite songs, even songs from their first album. The bass player, Zach, is really high energy when he performs. John doesn't really interact with the crowd but he makes up for it with his excellent musicianship. They played weird medleys of their songs, which was pretty cool except could be irritating when I had a favorite part of the song that they didn't play because it was a medley.
    There was a funny part when John stepped away from the microphone and there was still high pitched singing...and you could tell it really confused the crowd as they looked from John to the Zach to the keyboardist, Ryan, and when they found out it was him singing, they were surprised and they all cheered for him.