• Albums I can listen to from beginning to end

    Mag 8 2009, 20:56

    The College Dropout

    What an introduction! Very few people knew Kanye West before he drop this album. Working his magic in the background making some of the most memorable beats for other artist most notably, Jay-Z. The College Dropout allowed Kanye to showcase his lyrical talents with his signature sampling were the recipes to a album that he'll never be able to top.

    Lupe Fiasco's The Cool

    Lupe Fiasco isn't your typical artist talking about their cars, drugs, women (keeping this clean for the little 'uns), etc. Lupe takes 'geek' and makes it cool, and to be true to yourself. This albums just churns out hit after hit with lyrical content that needs to be understood to truly appreciate how good this album is, and just how talented Lupe Fiasco is as a conscious rapper .