• Heidenfest, '08-Nurnberg )

    Nov 12 2008, 20:21

    feel compelled to write this even tho i am still recovering from it, ha. sore neck and head, etc. so this will be short and sweet. Overall, i liked Equilibrium best but that is who i came to see anyway so its just my opinion. Finntroll, lots of energy although i have never seen them before, they are one of the better bands live i think. Primordial were good but tryin to connect their emotional Irish issues to a German audience....well. Heathen Tribes and Coffin ships worked tho. Eluvetie, lots of hyperness there too, wish they could have played a bit longer tho. Good bunch. would see them again. Manegarm(sp?) good opening act for sure. Have not seen them before but they were tight.Catamenia were a bit surprising to me as they sounded rather thrashy for a pagan metal gig but whatever, they were good. hope some one else has something to say about the gig, and remember, the above ARE MY OPINION, dont have to be yours. off to bed.