• Danze and Fame Still HARDCORE and FIRING!

    Ago 27 2010, 11:17

    Wed 25 Aug – M.O.P.
    I was at this show and I'm sure it's the best show I've been at this year so far...for many reasons of course, firstly its the legendary First Family from , secondly they tore the stage down like I expected, the style of the show was unique and they gave the crowd that routine that has made them household names in the Community and around the world.

    Supported by long time member and M.O.P. crew member Lazy Laze on the decks and as hype man the Foundation rappers did what they are best known for...gave it to the the crowd RAW!

    They both marched onto the stage brandishing Courvoisier bottle and mic in hand to their 2001 smash hit Cold As Ice and the stage came alive. The trademark wail "OH" could be heard all the way from the stage to suburbs in Hampstead Heath as they cocked back and sprayed the classics from St. Marxmen to the Foundation, Warriorz, First Family 4 Life, To the Death and Firing Squad albums.

    Highlights of this show were when they took an unlikely but well worked break to party with the crowd, with Fame taking to the decks and providing anthems such the Ludacris' "Move b**ch" to Jay Z's "99 Problems" as the crowd was made to chorus the famous tracks while Danze and Laze danced, drank and shared drink with their fans.

    They also did short tributes to fallen comrades Guru and Big L, there was a sombre intermission featuring Bob Marleys Three Little Birds (Don't worry about a thing) in which they managed to generate a sort of calm in the crowd before the storm that lay ahead.

    The show continued in force with more head bangers and was rapped up in true M.O.P. style with the MONSTER smash Ante Up (Robbin Hoodz Theory)...need I say the party was shut down at this stage and poor Bob Marley (R.I.P) was now clearly "worried about a thing" or two to do with attitudes in the building as fights broke out, moshing went into overdrive and "yap that fool" and "kidnap that fool" rang out like war cries from a crowd so possessed that a Pentecostal Preacher would have got his Wrist Watch and Bible taken from him had he tried to intervene.

    M.O.P. have been and still are the livest Hip Hop duo i've ever heard and they performed in the same manner...I WILL RECOMMEND you become a fan if you aren't and get to see them if they come to your town!

    Apr 9 2010, 11:17

    Wed 7 Apr – Method Man
    Matter was SHAKING on Wednesday...the earthquake personality commonly known as Method Man was on the London stop of his tour and man did he come in like a master with skills to flatten those who dare oppose.

    Supported by long time side kick and Wu affiliate Street Life the show was bound to be something to sweat about. He bounced onto the stage to thumping track medleys from the Tical album and every word out of his mouth was accompanied by a larger than life gesture and stage presence that very few can boast of.

    Dj Mathematics who is a Wu Tang stalwart and contributor to the illustrious catalogue was also present on the night, he supplied the heat behind the decks and his magic was felt from the all corners of the dance floor.

    Bring The Pain, Method Man, All I Need, Stimulation and Blackout banger Run 4 Cover featuring Street Life were a couple of the tracks that sent the house into a frenzy in between very daring crowd surfing and weed smoking and passing with the crowd.

    It's hard to put the sequence of the performance on the night into writing and do it real justice or put simply I just had such a good time that it just rolled by in a dazzling flurry of WU-TANG hollering and lyric reciting as the hits were delivered.

    He rounded off the show with some words of wisdom, a promise to invite the Funk Doctor on his next visit to London, a solemn crowd interaction based dedication to the late Ol' Dirty Bastard after which he apologized for being emotional and then his finale which was a ground stomping and crowd surfing performance of the Method and Redman club smash the Da I have to say it was RIDICULOUS? Nope!

    Feb 28 2010, 18:09

    Sat 27 Feb – GZA/Genius
    Anyone who knows their knows who the Wu Tang Clan are and what they stand for..likewise its hard to not know who was responsible for some of Wu's more Philosophical/Scientific rants and head nodding yet awe inspiring verses through the years.

    The Legend of the Liquid Sword definitely touched down in Camden last night, hitting a jam packed crowd at the Jazz Cafe with his trademark snarl and staccato flow. This performance was one that will impress die-hard fans in the sense that the man was so at home on stage that at times he seemed to deliver like he was amongst was exciting to watch this rhyme stalwart do his thing without prancing up and down as if begging to be applauded.

    All of the classics we've come to love were spun by DJ Choco and if you missed this event and want to know the low down there were picks from the debut album Liquid Swords to the most recent Pro Tools. In that order he got the chants bellowing from the floor of 'Soldiers in the front, let the heat pump' and 'WU -TANG' reverberating of the walls in true B-Boy fashion.

    My highlight of the show was an impressive move from the man as he stepped off the stage and into the crowd of revellers during his performance of Crash Your Crew during which he kept the energy levels peaking before returning to full view on stage to carry on with the knowledge imparting and lyrical laceration.

    GZA is indeed a gem, not in the commercially obvious way some other members of the clan might be but all the same a true GENIUS!

    It was a great night in short, now its time to get it in with some Shadow Boxing...PEACE!
  • Keep ya hands clapping...OHHHH!

    Feb 8 2010, 12:59

    Sun 7 Feb – J-Dilla Changed My Life
    Who missed it last night?
    If you did..oh well, you only have to wait till next year!

    I bagged me the exclusive "J Dilla Donuts"Tee...WOW! I really wish those of you who were absent and hoping to get one of these a lot of luck finding it anywhere else.

    It really was a night to remember again like Shalamar have said so well in the past.

    With a line up of seasoned Dj's smashing out a bewildering catalogue of BANGERS and nearly a thousand hardcore (I know that sample and break beat) fans of the late Jay Dee (J Dilla) rammed into the confines of Scala@King Cross, the fourth Doctors Orders event in commemoration of the Hip Hop Legend was another soul clapping and foot stomping success.

    Yes there is every reason to feel previleged to be at one of these events as not only do you get to dance your backside off to all of the best sounds of the 90's to the current but you get to be involved in a sort of musical family get together...I mean, its only at one of these events that total strangers can feel like you've known them all your life! When a gem like Won't Do starts pumping out of those 10,000 watt PA system cones I never really know how to contain myself and neither do any of the rest of the crowd to be fair and its love all the way till the curtains come down.

    Appearances from Kidkanevil, Morgan Spacek, Dj Sarah Love to mention a few were just fantastic, we got built up from a session of straight breaks of the original songs sampled for tracks like 'People', 'Stop', 'Nasty aint it', 'Players', 'Lightworks', 'Welcome To Detroit (intro)', 'Look Of Love' and so much more that its seriously not worth trying to keep listing them all.

    Every time it felt like, okay it's time to get a drink or toilet trip we were '1nce Again' tormented with a blast of the trademark SIREN and the shriek of "ITS THE NEWWWW STYLE."

    Then came the mid session to this rave, it was get down time as our much loved anthems came rolling out like Haye jabs at our Valuev chins. I kid you not when I say the beats where knocking 'Starz' out sideways on the main floor, the stage was invaded several times when "someone's tune" was cued up with a fresh cut just before it was dropped during Dj Shortee Blitz's set.

    Want to know what else happened? Haha too bad but all i'll say here and now is that Dj Spin Doctor was on at one point just before the finale and he boy did he put a spin on the night!

    We were 'Running' and dancing to 'That Shit' then it got 'McNasty Filth' as we began 'Crushin' after which we reminded one another not sell ourselves to 'Fall In Love' while we 'Make It Fast' in a world full of lies where we yelled 'Fuck The Police' get my drift?

    Only personal gripe is that my tune (Keep It Coming) from Frank n Dank's 48 HRS wasn't played...I was eagerly waiting to hear it....AH WELL :)

    One more time for the best night out of 2010 (Yeah, LOUDER!!!) and till next time its KJAY signing out PEACE and LOVE.

    Happy Birthday in arrears to James Dewitt Yancey also R.I.P and Beats to half of the Slum Village crew..the world will keep your lights shining forever.
  • Reflection Eternally Talib!

    Feb 1 2010, 13:51

    Sun 31 Jan – Talib Kweli
    I saw what I would describe as one of the last real MC's on stage at IndigO2 last night, there's a lot to say about Talib Kweli and without rambling I think its fair to say that he delivered a show stopping performance.

    Highlights where when he performed "Hostile Gospel', 'Say something' "Listen" and 'Hot girl' off the Eardrum album and of course the crowd showed their appreciation for his versatility when he performed more upbeat numbers like 'We got the beat'.

    The show was also a medley of Talibs greatest feature tracks as it got insane when Black Star classic 'Definition' and Reflection Eternal collaboration tracks with Hi-Tek tracks such as 'Move Somethin' and 'Blast' were delivered with a burning enthusiasm.

    Overall verdict? Talib is the truth in a community that is fast losing track of what made it so important in the first place! I would recommend that fans of the culture and music go check him out whenever he's in town.