• Memories...

    Ott 7 2006, 22:39

    Just some random thoughts that entered my head on finding a group dedicated to people turning 30 this year...

    First pop group I loved: Pet Shop Boys

    First album I bought: Tango in the Night (on tape - still in my parents' attic I guess!)

    Group that made me realised I truly loved music:

    Most embarrassing album from my youth:
    Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em

    Earliest musical memory: Baggy Trousers on Top of the Pops (and I hate them now!)

    Favourite "Now that's what I call music": I think it was 12 or 13. (Whoever stole our car stereo agreed, as this is what he was playing when he took the car for a joyride before dumping it in a subway. I was gutted for the loss of my favourite tape rather than the damage to the car!)

    Favourite album from my parents' record collection: Bringing It All Back Home

    And least favourite: Barbra Streisand

    Are any of these memories familiar to my fellow birth companions?

  • Recent live music

    Ott 1 2006, 21:55

    Here's what I've seen over the last seven days.

    Monday: Wizz Jones and Pete Stanley playing and at a cool vegetarian cafe in north London. It was excellent to hear a live banjo, and I also took the opportunity to purchase a couple of CDs direct from Mr Jones. Support was from folkish duo More Storey Fours, replete (if that's the word I'm looking for) their own banjo.

    Friday: At St Martins-in-the-Fields church, I saw (and heard) BBC Choir of the year finalists Chantage. Fantastic to hear music in that setting, and they sang some great pieces, accompanied for the last section by a jazz quintet.

    Satuday afternoon: Traditional Iranian folk music, as part of the Open Rehearsal series of events.

    Saturday evening: Jurassic 5, who were simply awesome. First time I'd seen them, to my shame, but they were definitely worth the wait. Seemed like great guys, they were very chatty, imaginative, and really put on a great show. I don't have the new album yet (I hate paying full price), but may have to treat myself next time I'm out shopping.

    No music lined up this week, just work and a trip to the theatre.

  • Welcome

    Ott 1 2006, 21:42

    Hello everyone

    I first saw Last a few weeks ago, and have finally taken the plunge. As a newcomer here, I feel I ought to say a few words of introduction.

    As the little panel on your left will tell you, I'm 30 (or at least was when I wrote these words), male, and live in the United Kingdom. Other than that I can add that I'm about 6'1"(1.84m) and I live in London (which is un-co-incidentally my favourite city in this world). If you want to know more than that, feel free to ask.

    My musical history goes a little something like this - as a kid I loved the Pet Shop Boys (still do) and Gloria Estefan (it was a phase). Got into indie when I was 16, and proceeded to read the NME far too much for the next five years. When I was 22 I fell out of love with new music, and have spent the last eight years or so filling in my back pages. I now dig, among others The Byrds, PJ Harvey and Marvin Gaye. And The Bluetones. And Stevie Wonder. And Nick Drake. And...

    If you spot that I've been listening to any obscure indie tracks circa 1994 that you loved too, please write so that we can share the pleasure of ranting about the sheer thrill of I Am The Greatest or the ignored greatness of just about everything by Moose. Alternatively, if you want to swap references to F Scott Fitzgerald in popular music, I'm happy to oblige with that too.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    See you around.