A few new albums (Hot Chip, Islands, Cornelius, Paavoharju)


Mar 22 2006, 7:12

And when I say "new", I mean "new to me", not necessarily a release this year. Just a few albums I think are worth checking out

I got hooked on this one from the first time I listened to it. Calling it pop electronica wouldn't be quite right, but it's as close as I care to get. The album covers a range of styles, all incredibly upbeat and frenetic. Listening to this album just puts a smile on my face, no matter what mood I'm in. Highlight: 'Chapter 8 - Seashore and Horizon', which features vocals by the Apples in Stereo.
Chapter 8- Seashore and Horizon
Free Fall


Hot Chip - The Warning
This one sounds a lot like Phoenix, or maybe Postal Service. Some of the tracks are laid-back electronic, others are really danceable. I need to get some more of their albums, I only have their first EP, and this one, which hasn't been released yet (I don't think).
Over and Over


Yhä hämärää
This Finnish band has a lot in common with Sigur Ros, or at least, it seems like that's what their aiming for. Nothing wrong in emulating excellence, I say. That's what made the band Muse so great. Anyway, this album is a little less accessible than Sigur Ros I think, but it's worth the effort.
Ilmaa virtaa


Return to the Sea
I was so disappointed when I found out that the Unicorns had broken up. I thought I'd never hear another album by them, but then Islands came along. Some of the Unicorns are in Islands, and you can really tell. They added some instruments besides their guitar/synth sound (including string arrangements, and a French horn, etc) and they've also calmed down a bit. It's not quite as energetic as 'Who Will Cut...", but it's still great in its own right.
Rough Gem
Where There's a Will There's a Whalebone

(Islands, Hot Chip, Paavoharju, Cornelius)
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  • sleepeasy

    I totally agree with you about the Cornelius and Islands records. I heard a few Hot Chip tracks a long time ago but I didn't like them that much, but your description of their new record is tempting me to give it a go.

    Mar 23 2006, 2:24
  • optimistic1

    can you hook me up with some paavoharju. cant find there music anywere.

    Mar 23 2006, 4:49
  • stepself

    Neill: Of the two Hot Chip albums on my computer, 'The Warning' is definitely the better one. The other, 'Mexico EP' isn't nearly as impressive. Maybe you just heard some poor tracks? Or maybe you just wouldn't like them, and I'd have to live with that. I'm not obsessed with the group though, so I think I could do that ;)

    Mar 23 2006, 21:15
  • sleepeasy

    Hehe, well... I gave The Warning a listen last night and after only one play I can say that I like it. It also became apparent that I hadn't heard any material by Hot Chip before, it seems I confused them with Hot Hot Heat, silly me.

    Mar 24 2006, 15:53
  • teenhustle

    woah woah. i love you for the islands album. i found out about it through rachelll 's post about last.fm wishhlists. thanks. big time.

    Mar 28 2006, 21:41
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