• Samantha Crain...

    Mag 26 2006, 2:29

    Last night I went with folk musician extrodinaire/ my wonderful roommate Samantha Crain to see her perform at the Sober Grounds Coffee House in Oklahoma City on 31st and May. It was an open mic kind of thing so she played three songs. She started out with Devils In Boston (of course). Then she played Hold Each Other Up, which I loved...a lot. The she ended with 400 Blows. Good show. I love her.
  • A-Z Songs.

    Mag 18 2006, 1:18

    Again I Go Unnoticed Dasboard Confessional
    Believe In What You Want Jimmy Eat World
    Come On Ben Jelen
    A Decade Under the Influence Taking Back Sunday
    E-Pro Beck
    First Day Of My Life Bright Eyes
    Gravedigger Dave Matthews
    Haiti Arcade Fire
    I Was Meant For the Stage The Decemberists
    January 1979 mewithoutYou
    Kingdom Come Coldplay
    Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds The Beatles
    Make It Up Ben Kweller
    No She Didn't, Oh She Didn't Write That (Annie Part II)
    Bradley Hathaway
    Oceanside The Decemberists
    Passing Afternoon Iron & Wine
    Que Onda Guero Beck
    Recycled Air The Postal Service
    The Sharp Hint of New Tears Dashboard Confessional
    Timberwolves At New Jersey Taking Back Sunday
    Undiscovered Ashlee Simpson
    Volcano Damien Rice
    When I'm Sixty-Four The Beatles
    Xanax Maria Taylor
    Yesterday The Beatles
    Zac and Sarah Ben Folds
  • Top 20.

    Mag 14 2006, 3:33

    1. The Beatles
    First song: There is no way I can ever remember the first Beatles song I heard. Can anyone?
    Fell in love with: Let It Be
    Current favorite: I Want You (She's So Heavy)

    2. Death Cab for Cutie
    First song: Title and Registration
    Fell in love with: The Sound of Settling
    Current favorite: Title and Registration

    3.Dashboard Confessional
    First song: Screaming Infidelities
    Fell in love with: Saints and Sailors
    Current favorite: The Swiss Army Romance

    4. Andrew Bird
    First song: Nervous Tic Motion Of the Head To the Left
    Fell in love with: Measuring Cups
    Current favorite: Dear Old Greenland

    5. The Decemberists
    First song: The Infanta
    Fell in love with: We Both Go Down Together
    Current favorite: On the Bus Mall

    6. Barenaked Ladies
    First song: One Week
    Fell in love with: If I Had a Million Dollars
    Current favorite: Who Needs Sleep?

    7. Bright Eyes
    First song: Lua
    Fell in love with: Lua
    Current favorite: Nothing Gets Crossed Out

    8. Bob Dylan
    First Song: I think Blowin' In the Wind. But I's Bob Dylan. Same problem as The Beatles
    Fell in love with: Like a Rolling Stone
    Current favorite: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

    9. Rocky Votolato
    First song: Cut Me In Two
    Fell in love with: Suicide Medicine
    Current favorite: Tenessee Train Tracks

    10. Iron & Wine
    First song: Such Great Heights
    Fell In Love With: Jezabel
    Current favorite: Evening On the Ground (Lilth's Song)

    11. Brand New
    First song: Jude Law and a Semester Abroad
    Fell in love with: Mix Tape
    Current favorite: Mix Tape

    12. Coldplay
    First Song: Yellow
    Fell In Love With: Trouble
    Current favorite: Speed of Sound

    13. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
    First song: Magnolia Mountain
    Fell in love with: Magnolia Mountain
    Current favorite: Life Is Beautiful

    14. Sufjan Stevens
    First song: They Are Night Zombies!! They Are Neighbors!! They Have come Back From the Dead!! Ahh!!
    Fell in love with: Casimir Pulaski Day
    Current favorite: The Predatory Wasp Of the Palisades Is Out To Get Us!

    15. Beck
    First song: Where It's At
    Fell in love with: Loser
    Current favorite: E-Pro

    16. Rilo Kiley
    First song: It's a Hit
    Fell in love with: Portions For Foxes
    Current favorite: I Never

    17. Rufus Wainwright
    First song: Hallelujah
    Fell in love with: Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk
    Current favorite: In a Graveyard

    18. Weezer
    First song: Island In the Sun
    Fell in love with: Island In the Sun
    Current favorite: Hash Pipe

    19. Jack Johnson
    First song: Flake
    Fell in love with: Taylor
    Current favorite: Constellations

    20. The All American Rejects
    First song: Swing, Swing
    Fell in love with: Dirty Little Secret
    Current favorite: 11:11 P.M.
  • harley poe

    Mag 12 2006, 2:25

    Harley Poe last night at the Pinkeye in Tulsa. Pretty sure it was really, really great.

    Quote from the night:
    "We're Harley Poe, we're famous."
  • guess the lyrics

    Mag 9 2006, 16:14

    Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
    Step 2: Post the a line from the first 20 songs that play, not matter how embarassing.
    Step 4: Bold out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    1. I have set apart everything I love I have saved everything else for you.
    2. In shadows of salford you will walk again.
    3. Smoke billowing comforts somehow and I know she's killing me but I don't care.
    4. Leopard fur no store.
    5. I will break into your thoughts with what's written on my heart.
    6. Save my skin, I need a medic.
    7. Here comes the action here it comes at last.
    8. Oh no the battle forms inside and I speak but you don't see the signs.
    9. I heard that you were home again but you don't look like you're back to me.
    10. Fell in love with a boy fell in love once and almost completely
    11. On the outside looking in I've never been able to crack the code and break this secret spell.
    12. Just last night I woke from some unconscionable dream.
    13. We set to sail on a packet full of spice, rum, and tea-leaves.
    14. Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies.
    15. We've seen some change but we're still outsiders if everybody's here then hell knows we ride alone.
    16. Sing with me child, as my ears are bleeding
    17. Good-day sunlight I'd like to say how truly bright you are
    18. This is the first day of my life I swear I was born right in the doorway.
    19. Dear Prudence, won’t you come out to play.
    20. It seems like yesterday that my world fell from the sky.

    Jason Mraz
    The Shins
    Waking Ashland
    Ashlee Simpson
    Dashboard Confessional
    Samantha Crain
    Barenaked Ladies
    Franz Ferdinand
    Rocky Votolato
    The Beatles
    Bright Eyes
  • my top 10 favorite songwriters.

    Mag 8 2006, 12:26

  • survey

    Mag 6 2006, 22:55

    Name your top 10 most played bands on

    1. Rocky Votolato
    2. Calexico/ Iron & Wine
    3. Beck
    4. John Vanderslice
    5. Rufus Wainwright
    6. Patrick Park
    7. Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
    8. Death Cab for Cutie
    9. Aqualung
    10. The Decemberist

    Now answer the questions according to the numbers:

    (1) What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    Something Pretty

    (2) What is your favourite album of 2?
    Well In the Reins, since they only had one.

    (3) What is your favourite lyric that 5 has sung?
    "Love is not a victory march/ It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah"

    (4) How many times have you seen 4 live?

    (5) What is your favourite song by 7?
    magnolia mountain

    (6) What is a good memory you have considering the music of 10?
    Seeing them with Matty and that creepy guy that gave Samantha cool posters.

    (7) Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
    Lost Cause. I think that song makes everyone sad.

    (8) What is your favourite lyric that 2 has sung?
    I met my wife at a party when I drank too much

    (9) What is your favourite song by 9?
    Brighter Than Sunshine. I know it's the single, leave me alone...

    (10) How did you get in to 3?
    My mom liked him when I was younger, but my personal love was probably instigated by Daniel and Samantha

    (11) What was the first song you heard by 1?
    Suicide Medicine I think

    (12) What is your favourite song by 4?
    Peacocks in Video Rain

    (13) How many time have you seen 9 live?

    (14) What is a good memory you have concerning 2?
    Just this whole semester of living by myself. Not that it was really great, but I would listen to that CD every morning.

    (15) Is there a song of 8 that makes you sad?
    Tiny Vessels, I Will Follow You Into the Dark

    (16) What is your favourite album of 5?

    (17) What is your favourite lyric that 3 has sung?
    Hell Yes!

    (18) What is your favourite song of 1?
    Oh so many...Goldfield, She Was Only In It For the Rain, The City Is Calling, Alabaster

    (19) What is your favourite song of 10?
    Probably The Engine Driver

    (20) How many times have you seen 8 live?
    Sad day :( never, they sold out. Hey thanks for reminding me!

    (21) What is your favourite album of 1?

    (22) What is a great memory you have considering 9?
    I don't think I have one.

    (23) What was the first song you heard by 8?
    I think The Sound of Settling
  • oh local music...

    Mag 6 2006, 18:59

    last night pickle, rachel and i traveled to bartlesville to watch Daylight Strategy compete in the battle of the bands at the wherehouse. we got there a little late and missed the first band, but i'm sure they were great...because like everyone at this show was great. the first band we saw was Bleed Them Dry. they were amazing! three vocalists (one of which on megaphone, it was great), three guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer. yep, 8 members. they even had one bassist missing. next was clarion calling. they were...meh. Then Burning Theory, which i don't remeber too much more than they had shirts that read "OklaFuckinHoma" and i thought it was halarious. Then daylight strategy! they were really great and all the songs went over really well. i was happy that kiah performed her song, she's getting really comfortable on stage. Then a band called beneath the crash which consisted of 3 eighth grade girls. they were really pretty good for eighth graders, it will be exciting to see where they go. then a band that seems to be really popular there in bartlesville called Fairlane.

    So fairlane won first place and bleed them dry got third. Daylight Strategy won second place! it was so exciting and i'm really proud of them.
  • john vanderslice

    Mag 5 2006, 15:38

    Last night was John Vanderslice in norman at the opolis. it was a great great show. Emperor X was the first opening band and this guy was amazing. like seriously blew my mind. he was pretty crazy, or in the words of the guitarist for Minus Story
    "fucking insane." it was wonderful. and of course we headed to pita pit afterward to remember the time Rocky Votolato played with us there.