a mixtape... DONE!


Feb 6 2008, 20:21

Actually I am starting to read a book. It's called "Love is a mixtape" (english version here) by Rob Sheffield. I only read the first page, which are 8 sentences so far.
These 8 sentences are about a cassette the author found in the things he got left from his wife.

At that point I had to stop. Cause I remember how I made Mixtapes for my car, cause I could not play CD's, or even mp3. These mixtapes all made sense. There was a reason for every song. Sometimes I did not get the sense, but either I made that mixtape, or someone else made it for me, it was made with care.

Sooo... is anyone up for a mixtape exchange on cassette? I have no idea where to find these small things, and I hope I get them at Saturn or somewhere else.

If you are interested, just leave a comment here. One person would be enough. If there are more, I would make pairs, depending on how many are interested.

Deadline is Sunday 12:00pm. London time (13:00 Uhr deutsche Zeit/german time).

Have a great week everyone!


And here the results:

Katha and Claudia
Frédéric and Anika
Cathrin and Me
Pfloriana and Dieter

And a proof that I did NOT cheat:

Sorry Anika! I wrote you with two N! But only because one of my collegues has the same name, but with two N XD

Best would be if you guys switch addresses, and talk about if you will or are able to do a tape or maybe a CD. Tape would be better though. You can also decide if you wanna send it later as data in a zip/rar file, just so you guys can listen to them on your PC or Apple.

The other thing, as we are talking about tapes: 90 minutes of running time would be great, and a small note why you chose this song, or something else that is kind of a little personal about that song.

Deadline to send off your Mixtape is 9th of March. If you did not get your tape, tell me, and I'll kick some arses XD

So, a sunny Sunday to you all! :)


  • Katha1983

    Also theoretisch bin ich sofort dabei, vorausgesetzt ich kann bei meinen Eltern noch irgendwo einen Kassettenrekorder auftreiben... Bei meiner Anlage ist das Dingens leider kaputt. Und ja, bei Saturn gibt's noch Kassetten ;)

    Feb 6 2008, 21:10
  • Freddychuk

    I'd be glad to, but I haven't got a cassette player... only CD's. But I think I can find a cassette player to make some mixtapes! ^^

    Feb 6 2008, 22:04
  • cathriiin

    ohh! ich liebe Mixtapes! im Auto kann ich nämlich immer noch nur Kassetten hören :D

    Feb 6 2008, 22:19

    Ich glaube, ich kann auch keinen Kassettenrekorder mehr auftreiben...aber man könnte doch auch mixCDs machen, oder ist das dann nicht authentisch?! :)

    Feb 6 2008, 22:20
  • starrise

    naja, eigentlich nicht, aber warum nicht? Ich werd das schon organisieren :D

    Feb 6 2008, 22:24
  • pfloriana

    yeah I used to do those mixtapes too, actually I have always thought that in a way it is a form of art, or cration...whatever.. and that is the same feeling I get when I plan a setlist for a gig with my band...and also, I love to make playlists for parties or dinners here at my house, I do that a lot for my sisters too... and I think it all started with cassettes for my car and earlier for my walkman.. it would be fun to do it, the exchange I mean. ps. obviously, no idea what those german comments say..

    Feb 7 2008, 16:59
  • hdsander

    I am in!

    Feb 7 2008, 18:33
  • flatlineblur

    Oh, I read that book during my christmas holidays. It's wonderful! I wish I'd knew more of the songs he talked about, but it doesn't really matter. Anyway, I like this whole exchange-idea, but unfortunately there's no cassette recorder available for me. If you're going to make CDs or MDs or whatever else, count me in! ;) And it would be cool to make a theme-tape. Like love or holiday or party or whatever. Just my 2cents.... :)

    Feb 8 2008, 0:06
  • pfloriana

    ooh I forgot, this thing about car tapes...you should read 31 songs by nick hornby, it is an extended version of exactly what we're talking about here..

    Feb 8 2008, 14:25
  • hdsander

    Hmmh, I've read all books of Nick Hornby - except this one! Now it comes back and bites... :)

    Feb 8 2008, 21:06

    Oh great! Sorry about writing German earlier... I like the idea with the theme for the tape... (I still think I can only do a CD, if that's alright, Katka? I'll check one more time in the basement though).

    Feb 10 2008, 15:19

    Oops, sorry, I called you Katka, Katha! My mind is mixing up people in my head...:)

    Feb 10 2008, 15:23
  • Freddychuk

    Great, but is there any themes for the mixtapes?

    Feb 10 2008, 16:32
  • starrise

    Well, I am not that convinced about the theme or topic for the mixtape. I would rather put some songs on the tape that I like. Maybe we can do another mixtape exchange later that year and put it under a theme that we post before making exchange pairs. Any other opinions?

    Feb 10 2008, 17:21
  • Katha1983

    I'm with you Silke! Let's make theme mixtapes the next time. IF there is a next mixtape exchange... ;) @Claudia: CD exchange ist okay I don't know either if I can make a cassette :)

    Feb 10 2008, 17:25
  • cathriiin

    exciting! I'd prefer a mixtape without a theme too. for a start ;) another question: is there a rule for the length of the tape? 60 minutes or 90? I don't know if other tapes exist too? :D

    Feb 10 2008, 19:31
  • starrise

    90 minutes, as said above (steht oben XD)

    Feb 10 2008, 19:33
  • hdsander

    It would be a good idea to post the track list of the tapes here, so that we all could participate.

    Feb 10 2008, 20:04
  • cathriiin

    oops, I didn't see that you had already mentioned that. no more questions now ;) posting the track lists here is a nice idea!

    Feb 10 2008, 20:15
  • starrise

    Yep, good idea! But first after the 9th of March :)

    Feb 10 2008, 20:27

    Ok, ok, I'm overruled - themes later :)!

    Feb 11 2008, 8:00
  • hdsander

    Hahaha, Silke, I can impossibly wait till the 9th of March... [b]Four weeks![/b] - Who knows, if this computer or its harddisk does still work then? What if Last.fm is sold to Microsoft and we can't access it any more? Or Brandi Carlile invites me to accompany her next tour? All impatient fellows click the track list now! [align=center][IMG]http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/2241/pflorianaji5.th.jpg[/IMG][/align] ...Silke may wait for March to do this. xP

    Feb 12 2008, 19:46
  • starrise

    is the name for Cathrins mixtape. Here side A: Phoenix - Napoleon says Editors - You are fading Radiohead - Bodysnatchers The Gossip - Keeping you alive Nine Black Alps - Unsatisfied Band of Horses - Weed Party Belaire - Waiting patiently Headlights - Put us back together right American Analog Set - Hard to find Stars - The night starts here Canadians - 15th of August And side B: Wallis Bird - The circle Newton Faulkner - People should smile more Regina Spektor - Samson Bright Eyes - Middleman Teitur - Thief about to break in José González - Heartbeats Ben Harper - Morning yearning Jessica Sonner - Dark side of the moon The Cranberries - Ode to my family Damien Rice - I remember Jimmy Eat World - Hear you me I looked at her artists, and looked for others that sound like them, looked what I had, and recorded it. That's it :)

    Feb 26 2008, 18:32
  • Freddychuk

    José González - Heartbeats? Interesting... ;)

    Feb 26 2008, 18:34
  • hdsander

    Yippee! My mixtape arrived! Look here: Dieter's Mixtape

    Feb 26 2008, 22:35
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