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Mar 8 2006, 15:00

The new album, is not good enought. I like it too, but Tentative is not the SOAD music style, is sounds like punk.
What do you think about the hypnotize?


  • ElvenWizard

    Well I like Tentative, is a nice song that goes well with the rest of the album, Hypnotize is a good album I think, and it has some slow, amazing tracks ;)

    Mar 9 2006, 18:29
  • squall_1st

    Like Lonely Day? yeah they are good, i like all songs but Tentative is a little PUNK song ;P But, its steel by SOAD, all by soad is cool ;)

    Mar 9 2006, 21:26
  • ElvenWizard

    but punk is great, then Tentative is great :D

    Mar 10 2006, 13:33
  • squall_1st

    i must search for some punk songs ;) So about the other songs, vicinity of obscenity is very funny song :D

    Mar 10 2006, 13:36
  • ElvenWizard

    yeaaaah banana banana terracotta pie! :P

    Mar 11 2006, 0:26
  • squall_1st

    ;) Do we all learn defeat [:-} Lonely day is very good too the moment (And if you go, i wanna go with you and if you die, i wanna die with you)

    Mar 11 2006, 11:04
  • ElvenWizard

    I read some journal where some girl said SOAD was Emo because of that song... argh! it's actually a nice song :) And what about Soldier Side? It's just amazing!

    Mar 11 2006, 12:57
  • squall_1st

    Yup, i like Soldier Side (the two versions Intro and this from Hypnotize) GOD IS WEARING BLACK :D

    Mar 11 2006, 19:56
  • ElvenWizard

    he's gone so far to find the truth he's never coming back! :)

    Mar 11 2006, 23:42
  • squall_1st

    xD hell yeah. Dead man lying on the heart of a grave ;P The 1st song i see of the album was Hypnotize lol.. I turn on my TV.. and.. ;)

    Mar 12 2006, 10:44
  • squall_1st

    Stealing Society ... good song

    Mar 23 2006, 17:18
  • Zuzuzzzip

    Mezmerize was better best SOAD album still is System of A Down, their first

    Ago 24 2006, 19:49
  • DiablosBAU

    Hypnotize is definately my favourite song by SoaD. Therefore the album is a great one :D Though I can't really say which album I like best... They're all too damn good. BAU

    Gen 16 2007, 23:59
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