• 1 new release and 2 classic albums

    Ago 27 2011, 23:20

    An update from Split Notes - the -with-a-beat record label.

    Fature - The Gathering EP
    Our latest release is an EP of dnb from the animal kingdom. Once untamed, but now held captive for your amusement. The hyper drum 'n' bass vibe which permeates this EP is worlds away from the chilled sound Fature showed us on the Crack My Pitch Up compilation and still a fair distance from his nu-jazz works.

    In The Gathering EP, enchanting and mysterious moods collide with frenetic and intense rhythm. You would expect the scurrying of a hornet, a rat and a salamander to differ, and so too do the sounds on The Gathering EP. First we found that the Hornet inspired the most dreamy, warm sounds from Fature. The Rat reveals the power of slyness and misdirection. Meanwhile, the Salamander is sparkly and dementedly upbeat, showing he is perhaps the most colourful critter of all.

    Fature has been oh-so-kind and made this a free download - grab your copy from last.fm -- or head to The Gathering EP's release page for your choice of format: mp3, ogg, and flac.

    On to the classic releases...

    knowsur - NANA WODORI
    musician knowsur amazed us when we discovered his experiments with microtonal and on youtube. A few months later he brought out NANA WODORI, an album so vibrant, so and so danceable that it is still one of the most popular releases on the label.

    It is very close to the 1-year anniversary of NANA WODORI's release (September 8th to be exact) so there's no better time to go back and give this one a re-listen! Stream and download from last.fm or grab it from our website.

    Various Artists - Crack My Pitch Up
    In early 2010 we made a risky move and invited anyone from the worldwide community of microtonal musicians to send in tracks for a compilation album. By that July we had an album we were ready to show the world. We were surprised that between the 10 acts who were featured, the album had wide scope and showed how different these acts composed. Plus it had some real moments!

    Crack My Pitch Up was a genre bender for sure. It went from to to to to to to some and sounds and even touched on - naturally this is an ideal album for those who want to quickly explore many kinds of microtonal intonations - and we recommend it as such.

    As usual, grab from last.fm or from our website!
    Kelt Seven Diamonds Chameleons In The Sun

    That's it for now...

    The next release will be from skiks, coming in the next few months. Peace :)
  • Updates from split-notes microtonal netlabel

    Lug 26 2011, 13:42

    split-notes has been spreading the love of new microtonal music since Jan 2010. Our releases tend to focus more on the upbeat side of things, no ambient/drone here. It's been a while since we had a last.fm update so here are 3 albums from us you can download for free!

    City of the Asleep - Transcendissonance
    glitch, post-rock, techno, lo-fi, experimental
    Download: mp3 ogg flac (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported)

    A genre-defying odyssey searching out the hidden beauty in the most dissonant tunings known to man. (More info)

    Carlo Serafini - Gammatar
    electronic folk music, xenharmonic guitar songs
    Download: mp3 (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 UK)

    An album of deeply atmospheric and melodic electronic music by Carlo Serafini. (More info)

    Sevish - Human Astronomy
    drum and bass, breakbeat, electronic
    Download: mp3 ogg flac (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 Unported)

    The EP expands on the style from Sevish's last album Golden Hour: unique harmonies with personality, microtonal exploration, and big scatterbrained beats. (More info)


    Much more to come in future months!