• eheadache

    Pendulum are great, The totally my top artist, If your intrested mate pop onto my profile page and give a look in my journal, I uploaded some of there early tracks that really boom. Please just leave me a shout :-)

    Apr 17 2006, 17:32
  • Lawnmower3000

    It is good to hear that you didn't get stuck outside the club due to the ticket issue and it sounds like you had an awesome night. But.... (wait for it) Hard NRG was better and I can say that with complete confidence given that I didn't go to Diz'play.

    Apr 17 2006, 18:07
  • speedfox

    at the photos of the gig here. http://teknoscape.com.au/gallery/categories.php?cat_id=241

    Apr 18 2006, 1:24
  • da_maestro

    I heard Pendulum are going to do a second show. I'll be there for that :-D

    Apr 18 2006, 4:42
  • schtef

    1. Your girlfriend has a name, use it ;) 2. Fix your tags/spelling/grammar :) 3. Ok, apparently the next show is this Friday, Pendulum are definates, and London Elektricity definately can't make it. Still confirming the other acts.

    Apr 18 2006, 7:09
  • Lawnmower3000

    I am out for Dizplay round 2 and here why: -Still really haven't completely recovered from Hard NRG. -Also don't want to be in a room with a bunch of disgruntled and hard core pendulum fans. -Also I need to do some Uni work before Adam's set at Rise. Also I just found out that I have more Pendulum than my sister. I have 5 hours of Pendulum + another 10 hours of Andy C and other stuff.

    Apr 19 2006, 16:52
  • schtef

    having more pendulum doesn't make you a better person, you still couldn't come to the show (and I am totally better than you) :)

    Apr 26 2006, 15:25
  • Lawnmower3000

    True. Having pendulum doesn't make anyone a good person. Stef is a better person that me is also true.

    Apr 26 2006, 16:30
  • schtef

    wow - I thought I'd never see the day....

    Mag 2 2006, 12:32
  • councilscribe

    Are you serious girls are people? Damn here I was thinking they were objects, my bad.

    Mag 14 2006, 3:45
  • schtef

    maybe that's been the problem all along? :) though I do get a certain satisfaction from objectification, hey woman!

    Mag 14 2006, 6:07
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