• where is my power?

    Mag 12 2009, 18:14

    Lun 11 May – Antony and the Johnsons

    Antony and the Johnsons. Palacio de Congresos Madrid (11-mayo-2009)

    Opening act: Johanna Constantine’s performance.


    1 – Where is my power?
    2 – Her eyes are underneath the ground.
    3 – Epilepsy is dancing.
    4 – One dove.
    5 – For today I am a boy. (changing lyrics)
    6 – Kiss my name.
    7 – Everglade
    8 – Another World
    9 – Shake that devil + extensión/versión
    10 – The cryig light
    11 – I fell in love with a dead boy.
    12 – Fistful of love
    13 – You are my sister.
    14 – Twilight.
    15 – Hope mountain. (playing solo)
    16 – Aeon.


    17 – Cripple and the Starfish.
    18 – Hope there’s someone.

    there were so many amazing moments:

    kiss my name + (bells moment) + everglade were totally gorgeous.

    shake that devil + version / extended version of the song was really funny. doug wieselman rocks!

    the crying light (which she sang standing up) was extremely delicate and beautiful (the final part with the palms was amazing)

    Fistful of love and Aeon were extremely powerful. (they played the whole piano intro to Aeon). After Fistful of love the crowd applauded so strongly and we started to stand up that she felt even embarrased.

    On the encore, on cripple and the starfish, she blanked on the second verse lyrics and she said that she finds sometimes difficult to want to play this song. but then she started again and it was absolutely brilliant.

    And what to say about hope there's someone? it's one of the most amazing songs ever.

    In short, it was one of the most exciting evenings of my whole life. thanks antony for making that possible. Now i regret i didn't wait after to meet her.