i wanted to go all Cartman...


Ago 13 2008, 20:08

...and kick someone in the nuts. however...

i can't hook up my speakers at work to my pc for temporary technical reasons, so i've been listening to my ipod. which won't scrobble for some reason. and i just had to restore it to factory settings.


I'm So Tired


  • rockrobster23

    I sorta know how you feel. A friend gave me a CD with a bunch of unlabeled tracks. I asked, what are the names of these songs? He said, just listen to 'em, you probably know all of them. I said, but if I don't know what they are before I listen to them they WON'T COUNT.

    Ago 14 2008, 7:41
  • sometimesalmost

    i know, right?! i just wish i hadn't lost about 300+ tracks on the ipod. booooo.

    Ago 14 2008, 12:43
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