• Ask me no questions 12

    Feb 13 2012, 14:07

    Well hello 2012. You know what, I've been reading some of the previous years gig lists and its nice to remember so I'll have a go at keeping a diary on this thing again.

    26th January - Lubomyr Melnyk at Cafe Oto.
    You have no idea how excited I was to see this gig. An old boyfriend of mine played a gig with this guy in Estonia a few years ago and when he came back he was all like "you HAVE to hear him" and when I listened to his record Wave-Lox I can honestly say I've never before been so involved in a piece of music before, recorded or live. When I listen to Lubomyr I think fondly of sharing this with no one else except myself, selfish I know but this stuff is too good to share. Really though, this wasn't that hard to pull off because I honestly thought no one had heard of him apart from me (us) never mind owned a nice slab of vinyl containing his work (me, I went on to buy KHM off some dude in Denmark)
    Imagine my surprise when I got outside Cafe Oto and there was a queue around the building, my only thought was that thanks to the promoting power of Cafe Oto, Lubomyr's YouTube video must have 'gone viral' and pulled all these folks in with his magnetic whirlwind of a sound. I was a bit pissed off to be fair. So selfish again but everyone could back off as far as I was concerned, this music should have been FOR ME and me alone.
    I've got a friend who "knows people" and she'd saved me a seat right down on the front row, I waited patiently to hear him play. A gin and slim for nerves.
    If anyone knows me they'll know I do this thing when I build up experiences I'm about to have far too high in my mind so it did cross my mind that this 'could' be a let down. Lubomyr had other ideas.
    He played 3 pieces, all of which I was unfamiliar with and to be perfectly honest, I can barely remember what they sounded like and the reason for this is that his fast continuous music style of playing (a term he came up with) doesn't really rely on a *tune* to carry you along instead he produces this entire mass of dense notes which you are able to rest on and get carried on top of like surfing without a board. When I hear his music, my stomach moves, it twists up into a ball and I can feel it being pulled towards the sound. At Cafe Oto it was happening live and I realised that I didn't mind all these other people here sharing this experience because I couldn't relate to them anymore. I was totally alone, just me and the music. This was such a personal experience, I was unable to talk in straight sentences after he'd finished.
    Lubomyr Melnyk you have my respect, keep doing what you are doing and please come back and visit me soon.

    19th February - Some sketchy as hell noise gig in this weird squat on the Walworth Rd. I dunno what was going on at this place, they were serving small vodka jellies which got cheaper when you bought them in bulk, and a dude was being all rebellious by turning posters upside down. I'm fairly sure hes the one who left a human poo in a sink at this other (better quality) noise gig I went to at a high rise art gallery last year. We left quickly, bought a load of beers to take home and had a party which included some interpretive dancing to David Bowie's Labyrinth soundtrack. In a lot of ways, what we ended up doing at home was way more experimental than the stuff we saw at this terrible gig. Ben actually said, "that could be the worse gig I have ever been to" and I sort of agree.

    3rd March - Aine O'Dwyer, Mark Fry and Piano Magic at the Union Chapel in Highbury.

    Aine was so bloody brilliant at this gig. Her harp playing skills are a real treat, because she has this knack of showing off the awesome tone her instrument can make without making it sound either twee or cute which I think a lot of harp player's make the mistake of doing. Harsh core harp.. yeah ok.

    And Mark Fry, what a legend. He has the sweetest voice yet sings about the weirdest stuff - makes sense that he would collaborate with Aine, I think they are coming from the same place with their music. Needed to play for about twice as long.

    But then Piano Magic.. Jees, I don't wanna be rude really but these guys need a good shake up and need to get away from that whole Christian rock vibe. Plus, fair enough if you want to sing about subjects which could change the world but really adding lyrics like 'lets save the animals'? save it for a WWF advert, this made me want to puke! They were technically good, the female singer especially had a good voice but not my bag at all.

    4th March - Bridget Hayden, Alex Tucker and some other dudes jamming about at The Grosvenor in Stockwell.

    The whole evening we were literally waiting for Bridget to play. The build up was too much, certain people were hogging the stage for way too long teasing us with potential finishing lines and then doing a second lap, and third lap, and fourth lap and ... It was so boring.

    Bridget was totally awesome so it was worth the wait. I've got a bit of a girl crush on her actually, shes one of the coolest people on the UK drone noise scene because she just gets on and does it in such a humble way. I like the way she clouds her songs with effects so that the words are hidden slightly yet she still manages to communicate exactly what she is trying to express. She also makes her beat up guitar work for her in a truely unique way for her truely unique sound.

    9th/10th/11th March, Rammel Club weekender in Nottingham.

    I not going to lie to you, I love gushing. I also love good music and good people both of which were in huge abundance at Rammel Fest and here's the gush, this festival's feel good factor was off the scale! I entered feeling pretty nervous (I played a set on the Saturday) and left feeling inspired, clear headed, warm and a bit gooey on the inside. Aw.

    I missed a couple of things due to a couple of casual ales but here's a sort of run-down of what happened..


    Makakarooma were first on. Stoke on Trent landed on Nottingham in traditional "Eh up duck!!" style. (This was literally screamed across the room at me, Eh up, its Sophie Cooper duck!!!!!) Naturally I'm biased being from the area and I've known a couple of the members for years so loved every second of their insane antics. They threw together a relentless drum beat, samples of those cheap pre-recorded prayer keyrings you get in Blackpool, almost tuneful singing, a bit of narly guitar played by my hero Andy Jarvis and it was fun which made loads of sense. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ogtUvEyai8

    John Wall and Mark Durgan, these guys had an amazing computer vs homemade synth glitch battle. I find this type of music fascinating and it kinda reminds me of that bit in Superman 3 when the evil lady gets turned into a robot. Watch if you dare: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuSsSwg9MXs

    Blood Stereo, I love these guys so much. I don't wanna be too wanky journo about this in case Dylan reads this and takes the piss out of me but what has always appealed about watching D&K live has been the confidence they exude when playing. It gives even the most subtle sounds they come out with such weight and poignancy. Loved it.

    Design A Wave, Tom's music is so weird and funny. I was dancing up at the front with his girlfriend having a ball of a time but dancing quite slowly like we'd been smoking tons of weed outside. I love, love, love, his lyrics which is the main reason for my "weird" comment... You have to be pretty confident to sing lines like "Dinosaur, do, do, do, do, do, do" over and over again which he does with great effect. I want his record.


    Woke up totally crapping it at the thought of playing first this day so spent a few hours jamming out my tunes on the guitar Bridget Hayden has kindly lent me for a bit. Like I say, I opened the Saturday and it went so well... I must express a huge thank you to the one and only Joincey for accompanying me and complimenting me so perfectly. Also big loves and hugs to the Rammel guys for asking me to play in the first place. It's given me the kick up the arse I've needed so watch this space as they say. I'll link to a vid when I upload it.

    Nick Jonah Davis Nick is on the Tompkin Square label which'll give you an idea of what he's about. Nice enough finger picking guitar and lap steel music. He did a prepared lap steel piece at the end of his set which I was really into.. seemed like a nice chap as well. Good aura.

    Spoils and Relics this was my favourite set from the weekend. The set up was fairly simple, three blokes putting tapes through effects pedals but they did it so well and allowed each other space so you could actually hear everything nice and clearly. The highlight though was when the owner of the bar did a completely darkside poem halfway through. It lifted the piece to a different doomy level and the delivery was amazing. Good work.

    Sleaford Mods I'd never heard of these guys but apparently they are a bit of a local legend in Nottingham. I stuck around at the back for a few songs which I thought were pretty funny. The singer was ranting on about how and why he hated social media so much over some slick riffs and keyboard beats and he presented a convincing argument.

    Storm Bugs were really interesting. I'm not going to lie to you, I'd had a couple by this point and my memory of exactly what happened is a bit sketchy but I remember really liking their singing. I spoke to Steven Ball of Storm Bugs for quite a long time afterwards about the use of song in noise music of which we had a lot to say. He only lives down the road from me so hoping to bump into him and have a further word with him about this some time.

    The rest of the night was spent dicking about downstairs drinking and chatting with buddies I'd not seen for ages although I heard both Bill Kouligas and Heatsick from afar and everyone said how ace they were later. Can I just say Bill wins heart throb of the weekend, you have no idea how many people were talking about how smooth he is. Bill, you have some Bilievers out there!


    What day is it, where am I? We're a long way from home, Toto.

    Surfacing Surfacing would have been better if they'd gone with one idea and played it out. There was an awful lot of chop and changing which I found a bit confusing. The beginning was good mind.

    Swallows I was really into Sian's set. It made me feel as though I was in an episode of Twin Peaks and we were being projected through an 1980's Russian hologram depicting Julee Cruise's image in front of some red velvet curtains. The sound honestly conjured up so much imagery for me, I couldn't stop imagining what the music looked like during her set. Really interested to see how this project develops.

    Nacht und Nebel My old pal Henry is such a dude! I've never seen his noise project before, he was in Army of Flying Robots when I knew him in Manchester which was straight up screaming hardcore. This set was minimal noise stuff and really great. He played in almost darkness except for these green neon lights he strapped to his hands. Really liked it.

    These Feathers Have Plumes What can I say about one of my main ladies Andie Brown? She absolutely smashed it by playing the most considered drone, this time on wine glasses through a few effects. She has the guts to take the time to really build up the sound she's making without going too crazy with it. She can take the smallest sound and turn it into a whole "back in the womb" (quote Swallows) experience. Absolutely damn impressive and not many people are brave enough to do this. All hail the new Queen of drone! Andie Brown rules.

    And sadly, this is where the story ends because I had to head back to London to get on with the reality of living. Roll on the next one.. Rammel, you were incredible.

    24th March - Ben Nash, Jack Allett, Chora, Hessdalen at The Sebright Arms, Bethnal Green

    Kinda hard for me to 'review' this one as I live with Ben and Jack. What can I say? Of course they were all really great..

    21st April - Jandek with Alex Nielson and Richard Youngs at St Margaret's Church, Whalley Range, Manchester

    Dunno what to say about this at all really. There was such a big pressure on everyone in attendance to be totally in awe of Jandek this evening. He's not played in the UK for a long time and there's the whole 'myth', the who, the what, the why... Personally, I wasn't that fussed by what I was hearing.

    28th April - Gals with Guitars at Deptford Town Hall, S. London

    This is my own project I run with Sharon Gal. We get a large group of women together to collaboratively put together a piece of music over a 2 day workshop and this was the occasion when we played the end result. I think it went well.

    2nd May - James Blackshaw at Cafe Oto


    5th May - Broken Flag, 30th Anniversary at Tuffnell Park Dome.

    Oh goodness. Well I left my camo trousers at home and am a woman so was instantly alienated by this total cock-fest. Man tweaks his nipples and licks a photo of a young person much to the 'shock' of the audience and then he grabs his dick. No thanks. Thankful I only went for the one day, think all 3 might have killed me.

    6th May - Bonnie Prince Billy and The Trembling Bells at The Union Chapel

    Didn't stick around for long but what I heard was really nice. Had a sort of spiritual "what am I doing with my life?" breakdown a few songs in and had to leave hyperventilating and aided by my knight in shining armour to calm down in Stoke Newington.

    7th May - Sharon Gal, Steve Beresford and Elaine Mitchener at Boat-Ting, Temple

    Sharon uses our old friend chance to select two pieces of paper, both say the word "aggression" on them which she interprets in her wonderful way. Great gig and it was on a boat which was pretty special. They were supported by a man reading a poem about his penis accompanied by a guy playing The Pink Panther theme underneath.
  • Supernova 11

    Gen 23 2011, 23:24

    I'm pretty sure I saw some other gigs before this date but I've just remembered to start a new diary so you get what you get, 'avid readership'

    Early Jan - Cam Deas and Helm at The Miller, London Bridge
    22nd A Band part one of Elevator Gallery 6 month residency and then later I went to see Gaz's band play in Deptford with : Ben, Billy, Jen, Rob, Luke, Holly and a bunch of other lovelies. Great, new, metal bar (not to be confused with nu-metal) called The Bird's Nest. Loads of straight edge bands, vegan burgers, that kinda vibe. I liked it.
    23rd - Jozef van Wissem what a nice way to spend an afternoon with one's father. Jozef played in a library extension to an art gallery (? could serve many other functions) I liked it.
    28th - James Ferrero and the guys from Devine Coils under an arch near Bethnal Green. This gig could have been so much better if it was at a different venue which didn't have shite sound and no stage. Left fairly soon afterwards and went to a party in Stokey with Billy, Mari and Miranda..cost me a cardie that party so it did.

    6th Feb - Harry Merry at Lad's mansion in Dalston. Ha! What a gig! I was so excited about seeing Mr Merry and his exciting roller coaster carnival ride of a show and did he deliver? Oh yes. Shame the crowd were a bunch of boring posers whose dancing ability was limited to a *slight* bob of the head. Stay in the car next time nodding dogs!
    12th Feb - Keith Tippet and Julie Tippett, 'Couple in Spirit' at the Vortex in Dalston. Julie, oh truely there is nothing in this world without your love.. What a beautiful show - "Rain-Bow" was a tear inducing showstopper for me. These guys are true pros - long may they reigh victorious as the king and queen of free improv.
    17th Feb - Phil Minton What an art! I took part in Phil's 38 piece feral choir last night at the British Museum, What a buzz! Sang alongside friends: Sharon Gal, Daniel Spicer, Mel Potter, Dylan Nyoukis and plenty of other feral minded types. Part of the Eygptian Book of The Dead event.
    18th Feb - My pal Miles is moving to Madrid so he had a leaving party at this cool speak easy in Dalston. Excellent times were had including, smoking inside! Gosh. And we got to hear this great Jewish Klezmer band before Alannah hit the decks with some 60's 'DJ-music'.
    21st Feb - This date is a bit of a guess tbh. Neil Campbell and Mick Flower, Morgan and Nite at Cafe Oto. Great night with great friends listening to elating music.

    11th March - A Band, Astral Social Club,Ashtray Navigations, The Ceramic Hobs, Bolide,Remedial Queen of England (that's my band with Joincey and Andie Brown), Ganbatte, A Band at Elevator Gallery, too hung over to expand on this much.
    18th March - Cian Nugent and Micah Blue Smaldone at Cafe Oto.
    27th March - Rhys Chatham at Cafe Oto - doing solo trumpet stuff, totally ace.

    15th April - Kommissar Hjuler And Mama Bar, Chora, Sharon Gal at Cafe Oto
    16th April - Gals with Guitars Art and music project with Sharon Gal

    gggggggggggggggggggggguys, sorry to disappoint but I've been a lazy daizy on the Last effemm front so whatever, I go to gigs.. I should write some more on here..
  • Walk on 10

    Gen 18 2010, 10:01

    15th January - Astral Social Club and Team Brick at Catch - London
    20th January - Jason Steel at The New Empowering Church, Hackney.
    23rd January - MoHa!, Team Brick and Trabant at the Lord Napier, Hackney.
    28th January - Blurt at The Dogstar, Brixton
    29th January - Peter Brötzmann at Cafe Oto, Dalston
    30th January - AJ Holmes & The Hackney Empire, Weave!, Cissy, Liquid Liquid and Secousse Sound System at Cargo, Shoreditch

    4th February - Otomo Yoshihide at Cafe Oto
    12th February - Matthew Shipp at Cafe Oto
    13th February - Matthew Shipp, J Spaceman, John Coxon and Steve Noble at Cafe Oto
    16th February - Voice of the Seven Woods, Hush Arbors, C. Joynes, Heather Leigh Murrey and Michael Flower. "A Requiem for Jack Rose" at Cafe Oto
    20th February - The Trembling Bells and loads of other weird grime music stuff! at Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Centre
    26th February - Spin Spin The Dogs at 133 Dalston Lane

    1st March Sir Richard Bishop at The Borderline
    10th March - Jason Steel, Nancy Wallace and The Owl Service at The George - Borough High St
    18th March - Oneohtrix Point Never, No Fun Acid at The Grosvenor, Stockwell.
    20th March - Part Chimp and some other loud macho rock stuff. hmm. The Crypt, Camberwell.
    24th March - Picastro at Cafe Oto

    1st April - The Wire Salon at Cafe Oto
    10th April - Ellen Mary McGee and Rachel Dadd at the Slaughtered Lamb, Clerkenwell
    11th April - John Renbourn and Robin Williamson at The Half Moon, Putney
    13rd April - Chora, Moon Unit, Alexander Tucker and Faux Amis at The Miller, London Bridge
    15th April - The A Band and Sumocloud Cardboard Arts at The Others, Stoke Newington
    24th April - French Kissing and Spin Spin The Dogs at the Victoria, Mile End
    25th April - Come down and meet the folks with Ellen Mary McGee, Nancy Wallace, Jason Steel, The Straw Bear Band and The Owl Service at The Stags Head, Dalston

    1st May - Fell Foot Woods event, Ulverston, Cumbria. I played with Ellen Mary McGee and Mugstar played and some other guys.. Ace night all in all!
    6th May - The Wire Salon, Cafe Oto
    7th May - Joanne Robertson , Tom James Scott , and this other great band I don't know the name of.. at Peckham Palais
    21st May - Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Temperatures, Bo Ningan, Doppel effect round Shoreditch/Vibe Bar - Stagg and Dagger Fest
    28th May - Bolide, Chora and we: Remedial Queen of England at Oto
    30th May - Slow Listener, some other stuff at this all dayer and we did the Remedial Queen of England thing.

    2nd June - Birds Of Delay and Wolf Eyes at Plan B, Brixton
    3rd June - Wire Salon talk about Graphic Scoring at Cafe Oto
    13th June - Chora, ross parfitt, Jack Allet and Pekko Kappi at Cafe Oto
    27th June - Crosby, Stills and Nash, and you've tried the rest now see the best Paul McCartney now I know everything thinks this is utterly uncool and the gang but y'kno what, to all you haters out there Paul might not be very cool but hes got true heart and this was one of the greatest gigs ever.. Getting to rock out to Helter Skelter, Back in the USSR, and my personal fav A Day in a Life was totally amazing. I love you Paul.

    2nd July - Dada night including A Band, fuck off batman, Builder's Crack and we did a Sumocloud Cardboard Art Attack event.. plus loads of other stuff at Elevator Gallery, Hackney Wick
    3rd July - Long Drone by Sharon Gal, Farringdon Rd
    15th July - Private Lives at Billy's pop up art show in Brixton Market
    18th July - Peaches, Hot Chip and Grace Jones at Lovebox, Victoria Park

    13th August - Ikue Mori, Pat Thomas, John Butcher - Cafe Oto
    14th August - Chora, Blood Stereo, Hype Williams and some other bits and bobs at Yes Way Fest in Peckham
    15th August - Pascal Nichols with Simon Rose, Alan Tomkinson at Cafe Oto
    17th August - Arvo Part St John's Passion at the proms, Royal Albert Hall
    19th August - Aine O'Dwyer, kaYa KING at The Others in Stoke Newington
    28th August - Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, Ian Murphy, Embla Quickbeam at the Albert, Brighton
    29th August - Bridget Hayden, Circulus at The Globe, Balham
    31th August - A Band at The Book shop (?) off Old St

    16th September - Blue Sabbath Black Fiji at The Others
    25th September - Joy Ride at Elevator Gallery.

    13th October - Chora and some other bits I didn't care for.. at The Miller
    16th October - Blue Sabbath Black Fiji <B too drunk to remember the rest..
    21st October - Lichens, Time, Dean McPhee at Cafe Oto
    24th October - Paul Metzger and Cam Deas at Cafe Oto
    27th October - Stellar OM Source, Heat Sick at Cafe Oto

    eep! looks as though my secretary took a holiday between the end of Oct and Dec. never mind, i'll make sure he gets a good talking to about it.

    Here goes:
    Best gig: Grace Jones
    Most seen band: Chora (again!)
    Most Fun: Joining in on vocals with Blue Sabbath Black Fiji on my birthday
    Tosm Nuf: Birds of Delay and Wolf Eyes - they played great, especially BOD but it was a weird night
    Best Festival: Hackney Wicked
    Best venue: Elevator Gallery
    Honourable mention: Aine O'Dwyer's duo was out of this small world
    Biggest let down: Lichens actually, expected a lot but ___________
    So incredibly pleased I got to see: Paul McCartney
  • Love Action 09

    Apr 20 2009, 13:18

    So I'm gonna keep a list of bands I get to see this year... An idea stolen from my pal Chris Iffy. Up until today I'll try and recall my best but I reckon//know I've left a load out.. but will try and be as concise as possible from now on!

    17th Jan - Team Brick, , Universal Orders, at Catch
    22nd Jan - Ben Nash, , WingHorses, , Chora, ? at Oto
    31st Jan - Ashtray Navigations, , at Cafe Oto

    4th Feb - wing horses, , Chora, , Serfs, at the George Tavern

    7th March - Blurt, , Soho
    9th March - Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, , Datashock, , Team Brick, @ The Miller
    Nearly got mugged/and or worse on the way home from this one. eep!
    28th/29th March - Yes Way fest. Auto Italia, Peckham.

    3rd April - The Field, at Cargo
    18th April - Bunch of bands at some party in Dalston
    30th April - Chora, and Sonic Youth, at the Scala
    "hey thurston, you make me feel reALLY short and kim, i like yr necklace"

    2nd May - Mic Flower, , James Ferraro, , Jazzfinger, , the hunter gracchas, at Cafe Oto
    5th May - Skaters, , P.A.R.A, , Bridget Hayden, , Neon Tempal, at the Grosvenor - Brixton.
    8-9th May - ATP festival. Vs the fans one. I think I saw Devo, , Electric Wizard, , Young Marble Giants, and Sleepy Sun, .
    18th May - Deerhunter at the Scala
    23rd May - Rob's art show and we saw Dylan Nyoukis make some sounds at Karen's 40th birthday party in Brighton
    24th May - Team Brick, Dukkes, Sofie Sea (my first solo show where me mixer starting sparking innit :( ) Defribillators, Joey Chainsaw and the Shithedz in Bristol
    25th May - Women at the Lexington
    29th May - Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides at Cafe Oto
    31st May - Kelly Jones/Fiona Marshall, Pascal Nichols, Ducktailsat the Old Blue Last

    5th June - Dan Deacon at ULU
    9th June - Talibam!, Alan Wilkinson, Alex Ward at Cafe Oto
    11th June - Dan Deacon doing some noise thing, Talibam!, Teeth Mountain at Bardens.
    16th June - Kinit Her, Saturn Finger, Burial Hex at Cafe Oto
    24th June - Manuel Mota and Norberto Lobo at Cafe Oto
    25th June - Ellen Mary McGee at Ryan's Bar, Stoke Newington

    2nd July - Nabil Ahmed at Goldsmith's uni.
    5th July - London Improvisers Orchestra at Oto
    6th July - marshall allen, Farid Barron, Paul Hession and John Edwards at Oto. Very possibly the best gig I've seen this year, absolutely incredible.
    7th July - Defibrillators, Sloppy Seconds, Team Brick, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, Cementimental, Ryan Jordan, F.M.G,**K, Horselover Fat, Timothy C Holehouse, Deej Dhariwal and pppleasenotme at the Old Blue Last
    8th July - Makoto Nomura at the Japanese Foundation, Russell Square
    18th July - Central Javanese trad gamelan orchestra featuring Joe Luna of Devine Coils, at the Kraton, Solo, Indonesia
    20th July - The Ramayana ballet, Jogja
    23rd July - Time out Jakarta launch party "On the Up", Hightime Rebellion, KUNOKINI, Mantra at Eastern Promise, Jakarta

    2nd August - Richard Durant on Kuta Beach, Bali. You kinda HAVE to go house clubbing in this town.
    15th August - Colour Ride Fest, think I saw Cam Deas, I played inThe A Band, El-g, Nichols-Rose Duo, oh gee and probably loads of other stuff but y'kno how it is...
    26th August - Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, MotHERFUCKING, Kel n Robs as Chora @ The Miller, London Bridge

    10th September - Prince in the Tower and Lavina Blackwall & Alex Neilsen at Boogaloo in Archway
    12th September - Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, C. Joynes and some other stuff not worth mentioning at Oto
    16th September - Au, the good anna at Oto
    17th -20th September - so much good stuff at No Fun Fest, Wolf Eyes, Burning Star Core , Religious Knives , Emeralds , Hair Police , Astral Social Club , Sewer Election , Noveller , Dylan Nyoukis , Sons of God , putrefier in Sweden
    26th September - Gang of Four at the Forum, London.
    27th Septemer - Orchestre Poly Rythmo De Cotonou and Gnawa Home Songs - Tamesloht Blues @ The Barbican

    2nd October - Trembling Bells at the Vortex, Dalston
    3rd October - Pilgrim Father - AMAZING!! and a bunch of other stuff Spin Spin The Dogs at the Stag's Head, Dalston
    7th October - The lovely Ellen Mary McGee and the equally lovelyJason Steel at the Chapel Bar, Angel
    9th October - Richard Youngs, Heather Leigh Murrey and Astral Social Club at the Vortex
    13th October - Evangelista and the fuzzy lights at Oto
    19th October - Talk by the wire about Sun Ra and a viewing of The Magic Sun, a film of Sun Ra by Phil Niblock (not strictly a gig but worth remembering!) at Oto
    20th October - Sun Ra Arkestra at Oto
    22nd October - Phil Minton at Cafe Oto
    23rd October - Escapeologists in Kentish Town
    30th Oct -1st November - Colour out of Space festival Trevor Wishart, Eli Keszler, Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides, Chora, Justice Yeldham, Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Baer, The Hunter Gracchus, Logos Women ft Moniek Darge and Françoise Vanhecke, Karen Constance / John Wiese, Tomutonttu Brighton

    4th November - Beak at Rough Trade East
    6th November - Romance, BBBlood, Toshiji Mikawa, putrefier Nihilist Assault Group, John Wiese at the Grosvenor (Harbinger Sound night)
    8th November - Jack Rose and The Black Twig Pickers and Peter Knight & Trevor Watts at Cecil Sharp House, Camden.
    9th November - Maher Shalal Hash Baz at King's Place (Fancy Guardian Building)
    12th November - Are you zine friendly? Featuring Jennie the cardboard robot and our band 'Heart of the Ocean'
    15th November - Rhys Chatham, Action Beat and Blue Sabbath Black Fiji at the ICA (aaamazing)
    16th November - Chocolate Monk Records ensembles with Chora, Phil MintonBlood Stereo, Sharon Gal, Usurper and Aaron Dilloway at The ICA
    27th November - Chora, Temperatures at Cafe Oto

    6th December - Cryptic Salve Band and some other hardcore stuff at Kraak Gallery in good old Manchester
    8th December - Ariel Pink, well kind of. I stuck around and saw some of the support bands then really couldn't be fucked and left for home to play with my new loop pedal. I did see Design A Wave which was pretty cool. This was down the road from my house at The Rest is Noise in Brixton.
    11th December - Ramleh, Voltigeurs, Sudden Infant at the Grosvenor in Stockwell.
    12th December - These Feathers Have Plumes - Andie's debut show! I'm proud of her. at the Cross King's.
    17th December - Chora at Cafe Oto
    19th December - Andy Robbins Band, Andy and Mikarla Jarvis with Doog and Ben Renyolds and Hanna Tulikki at the White Star in Stoke on Trent.

    Not a bad year at all!

    Best gig: Marshall Allen at Cafe Oto
    Most seen band: Chora
    Most Fun: Dan Deacon//Pilgrim Father
    Tosm Nuf: Ariel Pink
    Best Festival: No Fun
    Best venue: Cafe Oto
    Honourable mention: Rhys Chatham
    Biggest let down: Gang of four
    So incredibly pleased I got to see: Jack Rose