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  • keehuey

    Haha of course I remember you! It's really great to hear from you again. I'm doing fine here, just living my life, working hard, having fun and moving forward... just like everyone else lol. Do you still go to Carriefans? I haven't been checking there for ages...

    16 Nov 2012 Rispondi
  • keehuey

    Haha Stephen! Long time no see! XD I still come here occasionally... how have you been?

    10 Nov 2012 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    Heyyy! Happy 2010! My fave finally won Sytycd, how about that? :D Too bad it happened on such a mehhhhh season... Are you watching the UK version?

    3 Gen 2010 Rispondi
  • Boule_de_Neige

    iunfgblisdjfgojshdlkfjbglkjsdfb!!! Snezh wanted to add some music to her ipod yesterday but when she opened itunes she was up for a little surprise-her entire library was gone o.O She tried everything possible to recover it, did lots of googling etc. and turned out the easiest way to deal with the situation is .... to tell itunes to fuck off and get something else to manage her ipod lol. Obviously such a simple thing as restoring the library file from the ipod is not possible o.O Blaaaaaaaaaaaah. She'll give anapod a try first she thinks.... But dunno if it supports

    16 Nov 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    :)) I admitted Ryan and Ellenore were good, what else do you want from me, my soul? :p Ah, my taste is awesome, but your love for the Ellenores prevents you from seeing that :D Hey, how did you like the Mollywood?

    8 Nov 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    I was shocked, but I can't say I was sorry to see her go, I never really liked her :"> And there go 2 of the 3 tappers lol But yeah, that BWay was terrible, I'm not crazy about it anyway but I prefer the kind of choreo Tyce did for Ash/Jakob, Jason/Kayla, Mark/Chelsie, you know, that umm, smoother type. This - was probably the worst he's ever done, ew. BUT WAIT! Did I see right? Did you actually write Jakob's name and said he was excellent?? Does this mean you like a him a little bit more now? :D Ok, moving on :p, I was unimpressed by Wade's choreo, the story behind it was better than whatever happened on stage. I loved the contemp, I really like Kathryn and Legacy, they have great chemistry. The AT was very good, they're so good, I wish I was more into them :p Umm, the waltz was pretty, the NappyTabs HH was dirrrrty, who knew they could do this? :p The other HH was crap, the Samba was oh, so bad, I didn't think she was good at all. Aaaand no spoilers yet :(

    7 Nov 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    Ah, not fair :p Anyway, I watched the show and my jaw - still on the floor, I wasn't expecting that outcome. Not mad though :p

    4 Nov 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    Well, at least I don't dislike Ellenore, I'd say that's not a bad start :) And I'm counting on that Waltz to make you love Jakob :D But if you like Russell we're good :p Show today! And then we'll finally have a results show next week, thank God.

    3 Nov 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    Pauline & Brandon - awww, I wanted to hug him, he was so cute :( Lol @ her solo reminding you of the epic Lauren one because it made me think of that time when Jaymz from S2 said he woke up and thought he'd do some Paso :p Wtf was Pauline trying to do? I'm happy we have Wade this week, but I don't like the dancers that got him. I generally like Bollywood and I think it's good that Mollee and Nathan got it, because at least they didn't get some romantic, full body contact style, if ya know what I mean :p I fear the day they will and I dare you to imagine that without throwing up :-s Hmm, I'm curious about the AT, as I said the dancers don't do much for me yet. I'm looking forward to both Hip Hop's (hopefully the choreo and the girls don't disappoint) and the Waltz, I usually love Waltzes :) And I hope Legacy in a contemp won't be a vision from hell :-s

    2 Nov 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    Bianca and Victor - omg, I LOOOVED the choreo for this one, I thought it was better than If It Kills Me (my fav routine of S5). BUT even if the dancers did a good job, it lacked sth for me, it didn't have that extra thingy that makes me go wow and die (so I'd still say I prefer IIKM to this one :p). It could be the chemistry, or the fact that I don't really like any of them. Cha cha - Karen is my fav girl, she was awesome, and he was passable for a non ballroom dancer, you know, he moved his feet and looked interested in her :p Good chemistry. Sonya Jazz - I can see how this was one of the best, but at the end of the night I couldn't even remember it. I don't really care about Ellenore and Ryan. I liked the Legacy/Kathryn hip hop and I thought she did good, he grew on me after this one. Mollee & Nathan - So, I hate this partnership. Also, there are some styles that could be done by the God of said styles himself and I would still hate them. Sadly, one of those styles is the disco.

    2 Nov 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    Oooh, detailed comments, yay! First, I haaate the stage too :(( It's big and ugly and there are no more stairs and instead we have that giant screen behind the dancers, ugh. I didn't care for the Jive, average at best. And it was the first time ever the season didn't start with a Hip Hop, I liked that little tradition and they murdered it :/ Anyway, they have the Samba this week, yikes, 2 latins in a row. Aww, you don't like Jakob :( I think his dancing is soooo beautiful, I could watch him for weeks, he has some gorgeous arms, that boy. I'm afraid the judges' tonguebath will hurt him though. Ashleigh should shut up about her husband, that is all. I liked Ariana & Peter's hip hop too, the choreo more than the dancing, but I didn't think she deserved to go :( Russell and Mel - how dare they put him in the bottom after this? :-O He was not amaaaaazing, but foxtrot is a crappy boring style anyway and he and Melanie managed to make it work, hee :D

    2 Nov 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    k, let me know when you watch it, I wanna know who you like too, not just who you hate :p

    31 Ott 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    Well, Noelle didn't go and and she hasn't been replaced, how about that? She just got a bye for top 20 round :| Somewhere, Jessi Peralta was pissssed when she saw that. Really, it just makes no sense and I'm not even trying to understand this show anymore, whatever. I liked the top 20 perform., some people grew on me, but the results were more than stupid.

    29 Ott 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    I really don't know what they're gonna do with Noelle, why didn't they replace her, like they did with Billy? She's not dancing, so she cannot move forward, while another girl gets eliminated. And since we don't have a results show, she can't "be in the bottom" and do a solo, like Jessi in season 3 (not that it helped her any, even if she competed with Lauren's KFed solo :p). And Jessi did the cha cha with Pasha on that results show, and still got cut. So really, I don't see how Noelle could stay on the show. But yay Melanie, I can't wait for her and Russell together lol :D I saw the Meet Your Top 20 epi, LOVED it, it was a great idea after all. The Sonya jazz was mehhhh, and tap bores my soul to tears, but the rest was awesome!

    27 Ott 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    Ok fiiiiine, hate on Noelle if it makes you happy (it might be a short lived hate affair anyway :p). You're just not allowed to hate my favorite, who at this very moment is Russell, but you shall be kept informed of any changes that might occur :D Sooo, important stuff, have you read the spoilers?? :-O

    26 Ott 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    Ah, Noelle. I didn't like her either, mostly because of Mollee (who annoys me quite a bit). But then I read partner spoilers so I had to look Noelle up on youtube and she's really good, and I saw her interview and she was alright there too, so eh, we'll see. Yeah, I agree about the lack of good ballroom dancers, I'm not excited about this married couple we have this year, and we've seen too little of Karen. Too bad Iveta wasn't versatile enough, even if Idk if she would have been too popular anyway. No one will be able to replace Mia, fact. Nobody can match her, so I suppose we'll have to do with what we have. Which right now is: Stacey Tookey, Travis, Tyce, Sonya, Mandy Moore. If we're realllly lucky, Wade. Too bad Brian Friedman is teaching the twins how to do Britney Spears impressions on The X, I usually like his choreo.

    25 Ott 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    Like Mollee? Kathryn? :p Hmm, I don't think there are that many contemp people, there seemed to be more last season. But I'm one who could have 20 contemp people and not complain :p I like Russell, a lot, I reallly hope he does well. And I hate tap, I can't deal with 3 tappers :-s The contemp boys seem to be good (at least at what they do), but some of them are way too young looking. Legacy is so gonna be the new Phillip. I don't care about any of the girls right now. Oh, and I read that the judges are gonna make the first 2 cuts, without any voting. How wrong is that? This fall season was such a mistake, omg. If they didn't have any room for it, why the hell did they have to do it? Ugh. And I don't like the big stage, I want the old one back :(

    24 Ott 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    I watched sytycd, you were talking about the Paula thing, weren't you? Damn them for not putting her through last season, when they should have. Now I can read spoilers again, phew, and I loved what I saw about the intro episode next Monday. So what do you think of the top 20? No surprises, huh? I'm pretty ok with it, no disappointments.

    23 Ott 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    Oook, now I'm curious, who's the person in your spoiler? :)) I'm still not over Mia leaving :( I wonder what happened... I really hope she'll change her mind, Nigel left the door open for her, maybe it's just a phase :-s I started HIMYM, loved the first 4 epis, def gonna keep watching :D

    18 Ott 2009 Rispondi
  • noturstar

    Nooo, you can't give up on the X, what about Cheryl, not worth staying even for her? :( It's not that bad, I swear :)) I haven't read any spoilers, I like seeing that green mile epi without knowing who makes it and who doesn't. But wow, the one thing that you'd hate has to do with someone who made it/didn't make it through or is it something else? If it's sth else, I wanna know :) Just watched this week's sytycd and I'm really afraid that certain people who have been featured a lot might have been set up for shock cuts in the end :-s Now we have to wait yet anooother week for the reveal, I hate the scheduling this season :/ And I just read that Mia's leaving the show, wtf :-O

    15 Ott 2009 Rispondi
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