• Best & Worst Albums from my Top 20 Artists (IMO) Part II

    Mag 16 2007, 11:47

    second part of my shitty journal skills ;] nevertheless - enjoy!

    Best: Bonded By Blood
    It's a milestone thrash album. All of songs are amazing and Baloff doesn't push you off on the first listening as Zetro did to me.
    Worst: Force Of Habit
    Drugs made this album so bad? Probably not, they tried playing groove hear, Zetro tried clean vocas. It wasn't so bad after all. If I could get it under 20 euro, I wouldn't hesitate. It is just their weakest release.

    Best: Master Of Puppets
    No doubt. Maybe it is not as influential as Reign In Blood. (there should be "but...", but there won't be :))
    Worst: St. Anger
    Have anyone seen Some Kind Of Monster? I just got one complaint - it's really sad that their excitement and unity and great amount of work gave shitty album. It sound like it was overworked.

    Red Harvest
    Best: Sick Transit Gloria Mundi
    I was overwhelmed when I heard this. Massive industrial metal, this is how it should sound.
    Worst: Nomindsland
    Their first album was thrash metal... good they turned into industrial band.

    Machine Head
    Best: Burn My Eyes
    I also adore last two albums, but debut didn't contain Flynn's clean vocals parts. It was crucial.
    Worst: Supercharger
    I can't really say why this and not Burning Red. Maybe because when I first heard BR I wasn't so disappointed as when hearing this one.

    Best: Better Off Dead
    My first Sodom, it blew me off right away. Thrash till death. Cover kills!
    Worst: Get What You Deserve or Masquerade In Blood or 'Til Death Do Us Unite
    They sound pretty much the same, one word could describe those - fast. At that's all you can find there.

    Best: Live In Japan
    Best live cd I've ever heard, it makes me wanna break evrythnig around. What's more - it perfectly presents the best Vader era with two monstrous covers of Black Sabbath and Reign In Blood.
    Worst: Revelations
    It wouldn't be so bad if the production was better.

    Best: Posłuchaj, To Do Ciebie
    I suppose not many recognize this polish rock band, probably only Poles ;].
    Worst: Salon Recreativo

    Dimmu Borgir
    Best: Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
    There's only one thing I would change here - keyboards are too clear and sometimes it seems as if Mustis wrote the whole music here. But still, this CD is outstanding.
    Worst: In Sorte Diaboli
    Nothing much changed during last 3 years, it really sounds like DCA 2. Only The Serpentine offering is a standout.

    Best: The Antichrist
    I really like their stuff before 1990, especially Release From Agony, but none of those CDs was so brutal and blasphemous.
    Worst: Inventor Of Evil
    It didn't stand the level of its cover ,which is absolutely great... and the music is boring as hell.

    Celtic Frost
    Best: To Mega Therion
    Absolute classic to all kinds of metal. And this lady with opera voice in Necromantical Screams kills. Who would think it was 1985?
    Worst: Cold Lake
    Black metal into glam. It must've been a shock to every metalhead. Music itself ain't bad. It is just not Celtic Frost you would expect.
  • Best & Worst Albums from my Top 20 Artists (IMO) Part I

    Mag 10 2007, 13:17

    Best: Seasons In The Abyss
    It combines the best of what two previous releases had.
    Worst: there's no such thing as bad Slayer album :D, but if I had to choose - probably Diabolus In Musica, although I like it.

    Best: Rust In Peace
    My favourite of all time, what can I say more.
    Worst: Risk
    No surprise, huh?

    Best: Extreme Aggression
    As the title says.
    Worst: Cause For Conflict
    Surprise, huh? :D To be honest, Endorama was close. I just can't convince to CFC.

    Flotsam and Jetsam
    Best: Doomsday For The Deceiver
    Listen to the title track and don't ask more questions. Also perfect combination of thrash, speed and power.
    Worst: Unnatural Selection
    It's just bland.

    Best: Thelema.6
    It could've been any of last 4 lps.
    Worst: Sventevith - Storming Near The Baltic
    Rough and true black metal debut, still has its own unique sound among Behemoth's releases.

    Best: Beneath The Remains
    Pure fuckin' thrash. If only Schizophrenia was produced so heavy.
    Worst: Nation
    The only Sepultura album that disappointed me.

    Best: Horrorscope
    Heaviest thrash ever? After The Years Of Decay and departure of Bobby, no one excpected such a great cd.
    Worst: I Hear Black
    Because I heard it only once to be honest and can't remember mucf of it.

    Fear Factory
    Best: Demanufacture
    If anyone disagrees, please leave your comment below.
    Worst: Digimortal
    Too many ideas for one cd.

    Best: Practice What You Preach
    I just simply don't get the hype about The New Order. This one is really mature thrash,
    Worst: The Ritual
    They lost their haviness on the road to the studio.

    Best: Inwards
    Most forgotten album of this band, though it does not differ much from the others.
    Worst: Immortelle
    Maybe the production spoils it or maybe it's simply mediocre.