MOSS ICON - Cut Rope Sky Songs

A carefully and lovingly selected compilation of a phenomenal band unlike any other. Emotive-schizo-jam-punk perhaps? This isn't a "best-of" per se, just 79 burnable minutes that will make fans salivate. Classic studio tracks spanning the group's entire career alternate with rare unreleased live tracks and demos, with enhanced sound quality and conducive edits. Contact me for a download link.
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Brano Durata
1 Moss IconThe Life [Live, 1991] 3:02
2 Moss IconReflections / Kick The Can [Live, 1991] 3:58
3 Moss IconKiss The Girls And Make Them Die Loved track 2:16
4 Moss IconCricketty Rise Loved track
5 Moss IconMemorial Loved track 5:38
6 Moss IconMoth Loved track 7:16
7 Moss IconAs Afterwards / Gravity [Live, 1991] 8:27
8 Moss IconFamiliar Presides Loved track 4:49
9 Moss IconLyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly Loved track 11:30
10 Moss IconNovember 10th Is Autumn Whirlwind [Demo, 1988] 6:54
11 Moss IconSioux Day Loved track
12 Moss IconIt Disappears (edit) [Live, 1991] 9:40
13 Moss IconHome (edit) [Breathing Walker sessions, 1993] 4:38
14 Moss IconGuatemala [Breathing Walker sessions, 1993] 3:40


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