Pukkelpop Festival 2007 - Totally Natural?!? (Day 2)


Ago 31 2007, 18:54

After the incident that occured at the end of Day 1, we didn't feel safe anymore where we were and besides, the zipper on our tent was broken (we were forced to sleep with an open tent)... so we decided to leave the campsite and camp at my car!
The positive things about that were that my car has not just a zipper and in the trunk was still a lot of beer ;-)
The relocation and thinking of who could've robbed us took us a load of time and so, we couldn't manage to step on the festival until around 18.30!
Will be a pretty short day, but we're gonna make the best out of it, I thought to myself...

Friday, 17th August

At 18.45, I headed for Main Stage to see swedish garage rock band The Hives.
Singer "Howlin'" Pelle Almqvist, as usual, did his very best to entertain the crowd and he succeeded... "Can you believe it?!? - We are The Hives... THE HIIIVES", and so on.
Along with Pelle's entertainer abilities came a lot of Hives' smashers like Die, All Right!, Main Offender or Walk Idiot Walk.
The Hives + loud + funny = good!

Now it was time to hurry!
The Hives ended their show at 19.35... and english trip-hop "outfit" UNKLE played since 19.25 at the Dance Hall (on the opposite side of the festival site)!
I stood right in the middle of it, the sound was just perfect and the light effects and LED's in the background were just fitting.
As UNKLE came along with a full band and even guest singer(s), they played a lot more of their rock stuff than electronic tracks, but I didn't care cause I like their style no matter what...
My highlights were Burn My Shadow (Featuring Ian Astbury) and Restless (Featuring Josh Homme), the latter of these was so loud and it felt as if Joshua Homme was stading right on stage... too bad he was not a guest singer :-(
Best show so far on this Friday!

I didn't mark them as a must-see, but at 20.35 I headed for Skate Stage to check out american alternative rock band Brand New.
Not the kind of music I would keep in mind, but it was pretty comfortable to listen to them while sitting on the grass relaxing.

At 21.25 I went back to the Dance Hall to finally be able to see one of my electronic heroes of the past, french DJ/producer Laurent Garnier a full hour long!
As I said a couple of times before, the Dance Hall was not just music, but an audio-visual experience... so was Mr. Garnier!
He didn't do things by halves and banged away from the start that it was a pure pleasure :-) When he announced
Crispy Bacon, the crowd was right before freakin' out, and when it came to the final track of his set, I think everyone knew it would be the gorgeous The Man With the Red Face, everybody did!
All in all, an awesome set... my two favorite tracks (mentioned above) played... great show... outclassed UNKLE!!!

At 22.30, I arrived at Main Stage, canadian indie rock band The Arcade Fire had already begun...
and somehow, I felt I liked to have heard Laurent Garnier a little longer because Arcade Fire's sound didn't really find the way to my ears and brain!
I liked the debut of Arcade Fire a lot, but the successive record was quite boring, so I loved when they played songs like Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) or Haiti, but when it came to "new" stuff, I was kinda like deaf-mute.
Another point of criticism would be that the intermissions between songs were way too long... the stage was completely blacked out and you couldn't hear a single sound for around a minute or so!
To sum it up, it was okay, but I've been expecting a lot more of them!

As Arcade Fire were a little quiet, I felt like noise and dancing now, so I decided, as a kind of warmup for my beloved Pumpkins, to go into the Boiler and check out Chris Liebing & Speedy J's "Collabs Session".
Having seen them live separately in the past, I knew what it would be like... it was hard, it was raw, it was sick, it was just great, period!

I left Collabs Session after 45 minutes at 00.15 to be just in time for The Smashing Pumpkins.
I've waited for that day almost all of my life and now it was within reach, I could feel the tension all around... and after two additional quick beers, I was ready and so were they...
what I liked about their set was that they dared (in comparison to the Kaiser Chiefs last night) to play even melancholic songs like Death From Above and To Sheila. Plus, it was very diversified, songs from the "old" albums and songs from the new album Zeitgeist, well-known songs and gemstones... I've never expected them to play two of my absolute favorites with Glass And The Ghost Children and Hummer!
Final song they played was a unique (never heard before) version of Heavy Metal Machine that sounded even better than the versions on Machina/The Machines of God and Machina II!
It was just awesome, they should have played all night long... the Pumpkins are back and I'm glad that Billy's got back his smile (yes, he really did! During a Jimmy Chamberlin drum solo between 2 songs).
One little point of criticism... they could have played more older stuff, but hey, I accept the fact they gotta promote their new record.
For all of you Pumpkins fans reading this and being curious about the rest of the songs they played, here you have the complete setlist:

With the definite highlight, another great festival day came to an end... this time, we needn't go to the campsite finding our tent open ;-)



  • bigpimpin1

    The pumpkins were indeed unbelievable!

    Set 4 2007, 14:20
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